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CDCs Volume 1

Services General

Who may use the hazard reporting system to report a hazard? Anyone
Who evaluates a hazard report to determine if it is valid? Base Safety
What happens with a hazard report after it is validated? Risk Assesment Code (RAC) assigned
What is designed to help training managers and trainers conduct effetive, standardized training? Services Training Aids (STAs)
What is the purpose of the Services Training and Education Plan (STEP)? To outline information on services-specific tasks
What are the two sections of STEP folders? Military/civilian
What is the Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP) used for? To plan, prioritze, manage, and execute training within the career field and to identify and certify all past and current qualifications.
What does the Specialty Training Standard (STS) identify? Duties, tasks, and technical references to support training
What does a circled task in STS indicate? The task is part of the current duty position
What should be done when an Airman changes duty positions? Initial evaluation - review previously certified tasks and determine training required for new duty position
Who may assist the Activity Manager when writing the Master Training Plan (MTP) and what is the key in its development? Supervisors, detail
What local factors affect training? Facility location, local policies, Squadron, MAJCOM
What is the purpose of the MTP? Ensure training is adequately provided, standardized, and documented
What are 3 things that supervisors must do as trainers? Plan, conduct, and evaluate training
What is the man-hour availability factor (MAF)? The average number of man-hours per month an assigned person is available to do primary duties
Standard MAF workweek? 40 hours
Standard MAF extended workweek? 48 hours
Wartime MAFs? Emergency - 60 hours Surge - 72 hours
How often is wartime MAF reviewd? Every 3 years
How many minutes per day, per manpower requirement above the normal workday must Services flights work before they can earn an additional requirement? 30 minutes
What is the maximum amount of time a temporary manpower requirement may last? Two years
Three AF Base Operating Support (BOS) factors? CONUS, overseas, and AETC factors
Three main sources of AF augmentation? Air Reserve Component (ARC), Air National Guard Bureau (NGB), HQ Air Force Reerve (HQ AFRES)
What are Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) authorizations? Manpower requirements identified to meet immediate needs of contingency and wartime plans
What is the maximum number of days annually that Military Personnel Appropriation (MPA)man-days can be used, in supporting short term needs? 139 days
What type of reservists make up the individual ready reserve? Ready reservists who are not in the Selected Reserves
What type of system is used to mobilize Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) resources? Individual or PUSH-PULL
What are the three types of manpower on which the AF generally relies? Military, Civilian, Contract
What types of personnel are used for indirect combat support? Non-military, civilian, contractor
What must be included in OPlans? Accurate installation requirements for outbound and inbound phases
Who allocates appropriate money? Congress
What are O&M funds used for? Day-to-day operations
What are procurement funds and at what level are they controlled? big purchases funds - MAJCOM
What are fallout founds and by when must they be spent? Supplemental appropriations from Congress, must be spent within the fiscal year
What are the sources of Nonappropriated funds? AAFES, local fees and charges, membership dues, sales, contributions and donations, concessions/other
What type of activities are Category A funds used for? Missions sustaining
What type of activities are Category B funds used for? Basic community support
What type of activities are Category C funds used for? Revenue generating
What are the three steps of the budgeting process? 1)Identify and understand the unit's mission 2)Establish the activity's goal 3)Determine the requirements for achieving the goals
What are the three levels of budgeting responsibilities? Operational, Administrative, Policy
NAF Income and Expense budget is AKA... Operating budget
Contracts must be awarded that are in the best interest of whom? The government
Whose side does the AF take when dealing with contracts? Neutral
Who determines fair and reasonable pricing for an entertainment contract? Contracting officer
What kind of contract is awarded to individuals for their unique skills, experience, or knowledge but must not be used for construction services, conflict of interest etc... Individual service
After how many days should MAJCOMs and individual bases be prepared to expand their operations to keep essential activities operational in a contingency or wartime? 30 Days
What options must be used in order to gain required manpower levels to ensure food service/lodging operations continue? Contract expansion, civilian overhires, Reserve augmentation, TDY support from other bases
Who has the responsibility for determining strategic mission support requirements for the ARC installations? Gaining MAJCOMs
Who determins total wartime manpower resources needed to support wartime requirements? Each MAJCOM and FOA
At the base level, who is the single custodian for all NAF assets? RMFC
Who provides accounting support to the Services Activities? NAF Accounting Office
Plan of organization - operational economy and efficiency. Internal Management Control (IMC)
Simple Negligence: Oops, mistake
Gross Negligence: IDGF
Willful Misconduct: Intentional, FU
Who conducts an informal review for losses up to and including $50? Activity Manager
Activity Manager conducts review and provides writen explanation for losses over $50 and up to and including $250 to whom? RMFC
For losses over $250 and up to and including $1,000, an individual is appointed by whom to conduct an inquiry for the loss? Squadron Commander
Who appoints an investigating officer to conduct an investigation for losses that exceed $1,000? Installation Commander
Two types of funds used by sustainment operations: Imprest and Change
Which fund type would be used for vending and amusements? Imprest
WHo establishes and maintatins fund accountability at all times? RMFC
Who approves funds storage limits IAW AFI 31-101? Installation Commander
Who manages the IDS and Duress Alarms? SF
What two purposes does the design of the cashier's area serve? Identification and Service
When may cashiers use marked money? During normal business
Who makes surprise cash counts once a quarter? Activity Manager
Awards are given on what time frame? Fiscal year cycle
When are award winners names released? February-March
What form is used for award package submission? AF Form 1206, Nomination for Award
What awards are the most presitgious in the A1 community? A1 Legacy Awards
Large installation and small installation awards? Lemay - Large, Eubanks - small
Food service award? Hennessy
Individual awards packages will have a maximum of how many lines to indclude headings? 28
Civilian awards are tied to what? Responsibility level
Program award packages will have a maximum of how many lines to include headings? 33
What will be used to determine market data? Corporate Prism
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