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Reserve Participation Standards

RPS Reference? Reserve Policy Manual COMDINST M1001.28 CH. 4
Checklist for RELAD is Found? PPPM CH. 3
Counsel MBRs on Reserve Component (SELRES)? CG-3307 SEP-10
Premiums for SGLI/FSGLI Coverage Will? Continue to be deducted for MBRs who affiliate with the SELRES
How Many RE Code Main Classifications are There? 4
RE-1 Eligible for Reenlistment
RE-2 Ineligible for Reenlistment because (retired or officer)
RE-3 Eligible for Reenlistment except for disqualifying factor
RE-4 Not eligible for Reenlistment
RE-3A Alien
RE-3F Exceeds Weight Standards
RE-3H Hardship
Reserve Participation Must be Considered a Factor of? Performance, and reflected in performance evaluations
Attend _____ of Scheduled Authorized IDT Drills with Pay per Fiscal Year? 90%
Satisfy the Annual Training Requirement of not Less than _____ Days? 12
To Remain on Active Status a Reserve Officer Must Accrue a Minimum of? 50 retirement points in an anniversary year
__________ and __________ are Authorized to Waive the AT requirements for Sufficient Cause? Commanding Officers/Officers-in-Charge
Sufficient Cause for a Waiver of AD for Training? Requested retirement within 1 year of retirement, temporary physical disability or well-documented family or personal hardship
A Waiver of the ADT Requirement Should not be Considered? A negative factor when evaluating performance
ADT Waivers Shall not be Granted Two Years in a Row Without the Approval of? The District RFRS staff
If Approved the Commanding Officer Must Then? Provide a copy of the request and approval to the District RFRS staff
If Approved Counseling Will Include? The requirement that the Reserve Good Conduct Medal must still be met
If Approved MBR Must Still Meet? The 50-point minimum for qualifying retirement year
Permission to Leave the US for Travel is not Required, However? For periods of 31 days or more are required to notify their units in writing
Unsatisfactory Participation is? Nine or more unexcused absences within a 12-month period
Counseling and Disciplinary Action of Unsatisfactory Participation? Commands shall document all counseling on a CG-3307
CG-3307’s are Found? PPPM, PPCINST M1000.2, Enclosure 6
ASQ? Annual Screening Questionnaire
SELRES MBRs Shall Complete the ASQ Annually Between? 1 AUG and 31 OCT
IRR MBRs Shall Complete the ASQ? Annually
SELRES Who are Temporarily Transferred to the Standby Reserve? Are not required to complete the ASQ
SELRES and IRR Who Fail to Complete the ASQ? Shall be designated an “unsatisfactory participant”, and shall be documented on a CG-3307
Failure to Earn Minimum Required Retirement Points? Officers will be processed by CG PSC-RPM for transfer to ISL, Retired Reserve or Discharged
Created by: ashleycoker
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