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on baking

vocab A

Absorption Flour’s ability to absorb moisture when mixed into dough. Varies according to protein content, growing conditions, storage conditions
Acid pH level less than 7 (most foods are slightly acidic), ex: Citrus Juice, Wine, Vinegar. Has a sharp or sour flavor
Acidulation The browning of cut fruit is caused by the reaction of an enzyme with the phenolic compounds present. The enzyme is called (polypheneoloxidase).
Additives Substance added to foods to prevent Spoilage, Improve appearance, Texture, Flavor, or Nutritional value. Can be synthetic (sugar substitutes) or natural (lecithin). Can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people
Aging The period where freshly milled flour is allowed to rest in order to whiten and produce less sticky dough. Can be chemically accelerated
Albumen The principal protein found in egg whites.
Allergens Substances that may cause allergic reactions in some people.
Amaranth Tiny oval seeds from an annual herb plant native to South America. Used as a cooked grain and flour
Aroma The sensations, as interpreted by the brain, of what we detect when a substance comes in contact with sense receptors in the nose.
Artisan A person who works in a skilled craft or trade; one who works with their hands. Bread bakers and confectioners who prepare foods using traditional methods
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