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Chapter 19

diagnostic imaging, radiation oncology, and surgery

alpha rays type of radioactive particle that has low ability to penetrate body
barium contrast medium that shows up white on xray
beta rays type of radioactivve particle that has medium ability to pentrate body
brachytherapy implanting radioactive elements directly into tumor or tissue
cat scan/ct scan scan that shows images as detailed slives of body part or organ
cineradiography radiography of tissues or organs in motion
diagnostic imaging use of imaging techniques in diagnosing illnesses
gamma rays commonly used radioactive particles with high penetrating ability
fluoroscopy xray which image is projected onto fluorescent screen
gray (gy) unit of measure equal to 100 rads
imaging production of visual output using xrays sounds waves or magnetic fields
interstitial therapy substance placed within tissue or tumor
intracavitary therapy brachytherapy which radioactive substance is placed in cavity near cancerous lesion
iodine substance used in radiopharmaceuticals for contrast medium and radiation therapy
ion + charged particle used to ionize tissue
ionize destroy cells by changing neurtal particles to ions using xrays
malaise general feeling of illness
mri imaging produced by tracking magnetic properties in nuclei of various cells
irradiated treated with radiation
rad (radiation absorbed dose) unit of radioactive substance that can be absorbed in partiular period of time
pet scan series of images that shows distribution of substance thru tissue
nuclear medicine medical specialty for treating diseases with radioactive substances
radiation energy carried by stream of particles from substance
radiography prodction of diagnostic images
radioimmunoassay (ria) in vitro test to determine amount of drugs or medication left in body
radiology medical specialty in diagnostic imaging and radiation treatment
radionclide radioactive susbtance
radiolucent able to easily pentrated by xrays
radiopaque not able to be easily penetrated by xrays
radiopharmaceutical chemical substance containing radioactive material
radioresistant not greatly affected by radiation
radiosensitive easily affected by radiation
roentgenology radiology
scan image obtained from interior of body
sonogram ultrasound image
xray high energy particles of radiation from interior of substance
uptake speed of absorption of radiopharmaceutical by particular organ or body part
ultrasound image resulting from ultrasonography produced by sound waves
ultrasonography use of sounds waves to produce images of interior of body
tracer study image that traces the passage of radio pharmaceutical thru organ or tissue
tomography type of imaging that produeces 3d images
stereotactic frame headgear worn by patients needing pinpoint accuracy in treatment of brain anomalies
aseptic germ free
cauterixing destroyin tissue by burning
clamps implement used to grasp body part during surgery
closed performed without an incision
cosmetic designed to improve appearance of exterior body part
cryogenic destroyin tissue by freezing
curette sharp instrument for scraping tissue
diagnostic helping fianlize diagnosis
dilator implement used to enlarge an opening
forceps surgical implemnt used to grasp and remove something
manipulative done without incision as in reduction of fracture
minimally invasive done with smallest incision possible such as clearing of arterial blockages with tiny probes that use lasers
mohs surgery removal of carcinoma after amppin gwith chemical to establish narrowest possible margin of affected tissue
needle holder surgical forceps used to hold and pass suturing needle thru tissue
operation any surgical procedure such as removal transplant or manipulation of tissue
preventative designed to stop or prevent disease
probe sharp device for exploring body cavities or clearing blockages
reconstructive designed to restore body part to its original state or appearance
retractor instruent used to hold back edges of tissue and organs to expose other tissues or body parts especially used in surgery
scalpel knife used in surgery or dissection
standard precautions guidelines issued by centers for disease control for preventing spread of disease
staples metal devices used to suture surgical incisions
surgery removal transplant or manipulation of tissue
surgical scissors scissors used for cutting and dissescting tissue during surgery
suture needles needles used in closing surgical wounds by sewing
cine movement
electro eleectric electricity
fluoro light luminous
micro small
radio radation
sono sound
ultra beyond
centesis puncture
classis breaking
clast beraking
ectomy removal of
gram recording
graph recording instrument
graphy process of recording
opsy viewing
ostomyo opening
pexy fixation done surgically
plasty surgival repair
rrhaphy surgical suturing
scope instrument for ovserving
scopy viewing
tome cutting segment
tomy cutting operation
stomy oepning
ba barium
bae barium enema
cat computerized axial tomography
cspine vercival spine
ct computed tomography
cxr chest xray
ivu intraveous urography
mra magnetic resonance angiography
mri magnetic resonance imaging
dsa digital subtraction angiography
ercp endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatogrpahy
fx fracture
rai radioactiev iodine
xrt raiation therapy
ra radium
r roentgen
u/s ultrasound
nmr nuclear magnetic resonance imaging
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