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ESL Idiomatic Ex#1

First set of idiomatic expressions

to put all your eggs in one basket diversify, try many types of things-not just one
to be a fat cat to be an important person
to move at a snail's pace to move very slowly
to be on pins and needles to wait anxiously or nervously
If the show fits, wear it. If the description is correct, accept it.
What a small world! a coincidence in a distant place by meeting someone from the same hometown, a family member, or a friend
when fish fly, or when pigs fly Something that will never happen
to have a broken heart to be very sad
to be as quiet as a mouse to be extremely quiet
to find a needle in a haystack to be very difficult to find or uncover
to be a money pit to lose a lot of money with little hope of making a profit
to exchange money under the table to do something illegal
to hit the nail on the head to be correct or accurate
to cry over spilt milk to worry about things/actions that cannot be taken back after they are said or done
The grass is always greener on the other side. What a person does not have always looks better than what another person has
to be straddling the fence to do something without a real purpose; to play around
to run against the clock to have a tight deadline
to have the face in the sand to be in trouble
to be as sharp as a tack to be extremely smart
to be a babe in the woods to not be able to see the truth
to put your foot in your mouth to say something wrong
to monkey around to be unable to accomplish anything
It's raining cats and dogs! It is raining very hard.
to jump through hoops to go through a lot of unnecessary trouble to please someone
Money doesn't grow on trees. You cannot just go out and accidentally find money
A penny saved is a penny earned. Even small amounts of money are worth saving.
A light bulb went off. to get an idea
Time flies when you're having fun. to feel a very little time has passed when actually a lot of time has gone by
Time is running out. It's almost too late.
to be in the dog house an innocent person in a difficult situation
Created by: drmperez
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