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Chapter 17

Human Development

apgar score rating of newborns activity pulse grimace appeaerance and respiration
breech birth canal position with feet or butt first
c section surgical removal of fetus thru ab
embryo fertilized ovum until about 10 weeks of gestation
euthanasia assisting in suicide or putting a person with incurable or painful disease to death
fertilization union of egg cell with sperm
fetus developing product of concetpion from 8 weeks to birth
geriatric relating to old age
gerontology medical specialty that diagnoses and treats disorders of old age
gestation period of fetal development from fertilization until delivery
implant to attach to lining of uterus in first stage of pregnancy
labor process of expelling fetus and placenta from uterus
neonate infant under 4 weeks old
neonatology medical specialty that dignoses and treats disorders of neonates
obstetrics medical specialty that guides women thruout fertilization pregnancy and birth
pediatrics medical specialty that diagnoses and treats disorders in children from infancy thru adolenscence
genetics science of bilogical inheritance
in utero within uterus unborn
premature born before 37 weeks of gestation
preventive medicine medical specialty concerned with preventing disease
sids death of infant usually while sleeping of unknown cause
fetus development of all body systems that are present at birth
neonate adjustment to life outside uterus
infancy (1 yr) many phsical and emotional developmental strides
toddler (1-3) walking talking and becoming somewhat independent from caretakers
child hood (3-puberty) cognitive and physical development usually includes schooling
puberty (8-12) development of secondary sex characteristics
adolescence (puberty - full physical maturity) physical maturation and often psychological separation from family leading to independence
young adulthood (20-39) period of establishment of adult work and lifestyle situations
middle adulthood (40-59) often stressfull period of continued career and family development
old age (60 +) period of dimishing physical and sometimes mental faculities
oldest age (90+) period of late life often with many physical and emotional difficulties
death (end of life) cessation of cardio respiratory and nerous system
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