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Designated Place

Three Locations to Reference Designated Place? PPPM, JFTR and PATFORSWA PCS Entitlements (EMP)
Entitlement Authorizations are Found? In remarks/comments section on MBRs DA orders
For Additional Information Regarding Entitlements for PATFORSWA or Arduous Duty Assignments, Units Should Contact? CG-1222
TVL to Designated Place en Route Between PDSs to Assist? In moving dependents, dependents with HHG shipment or dependent transportation by POC
When MBR is Divorced or Dependents Die, the MBR may be Authorized PCS Allowances for TVL to the designated place to pick Up? HHG and/or, personal effects and/or, MBR’s/dependent’s POC
CONUS to OCONUS Unaccompanied Tour May Escort Dependents from the Old PDS to a Designated Place? This MBR is authorized round trip PCS allowance between the old PDS and the designated place
A MBR May Leave the Dependent at the Current Location or Move the Dependent from the Old PDS to a Designated Place in? CONUS, a non-foreign OCONUS if the MBR was a legal resident before entering AD, spouse was a resident at the time of marriage or the MBRs HOR
Housing Allowance Protection Worksheet? CG-2025A
What is NCR&R? Non-Chargeable Rest and Recuperation for 270 days “boots on the ground” in Iraq or Afghanistan are entitled to 15 days NCR
MBR to MBR BAH Entitlement While at PATFORSWA/Arduous Duty? If the MBR is claiming the child on 4170A vice spouse claiming
OCONUS Designated Places Must be Authorized by? CG-1222
HHG? MBRs with dependents may ship HHG to a designated place for dependents use or place them in NTS at origin
POV? A POV may be shipped to a designated place
DLA? Only MBRs with dependents that relocate dependents to a designated place are authorized DLA at the dependent rate
FSA? Yes, MBRs with dependents, including MBR to MBR
COLA? MBR may be paid BAH and CONUS COLA at the rate applicable to the location where the MBRs dependents reside
Mail CG-2025A to? CG-1222
Created by: ashleycoker
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