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Chapter 27

the Cold War and the Remaking of Europe

Two Countries Whose Arsenals Grew Massively During the Cold War The United States and USSR
The Cold War
What significant organization heralded an era of international cooperation? The United Nations.
Did Stalin fulfill people's hopes about a new, freer Russia? No, Stalin believed that more work and order would rebuild his country. Not relaxation and freedom.
What are some possible causes of the cold war? People possessed hostility as far back as the Bolshevik Revolution, Stalin quickly grabbed massive ammounts of land after the Nazi-Soviet pact, People feared Soviet expansionism.
How did Stalin view the UK and US? He thought that they were plotting against The USSR, that the UK only cared about their land, he believed that the US was awaiting the collapse of the Union.
What did President Truman do in regards to the USSR? He cut off aid to the USSR almost immediately after the war ended,
How did the US government portray Stalin? They showed him as pretty much another crazy leader, power-hungry and seeking world Dominance.
How did Truman respond to the threat of communism arising in Greece? He released the Truman Doctrine, He aided Greece and Turkey with a massive ammount of money.
What was the Marshall Plan? The Marshall Plan was a program the provided massive economic aid to weak countries in attempts to deter them from the economic and social appeals of communism.
What was the Marshall Plan also known as? The European Recovery Program.
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