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Break Down Words

itis inflammation of
hepat of the liver
hemat blood
ology process of study
electr electricity
cardi heart
gram record
gastr stomach
enter intestines
hypo, sub below
epi above
ic, al, ior, ose, eal, iac pertaining to
aden gland
oma tumor
arthr joint
bi life
carcin cancer, cancerous
cephal head
cerebr cerebrum
cis to cut
in into
ex out of
crine to secrete
endo within, inside
scopy physical examination
cyst urinary bladder
vascul blood vessel
cyt cells
encephal brain
erythr red
glyc sugar
hyper more than normal
emia blood condition
dia complete
sis state or condition of
gnos knowledge of
gynec woman, female
iatr treatment, physician
genic produced of or by
leuk white
nephre kidney
neur nerves
ist one who specializes in something
oste bone
path disease
ophthalm eye
ped child
psych mind
radi x-rays
rhin nose
sarc flesh
secto to cut
re back
thromb clotting
ur urinary tract
algia pain
ectomy excision or removal
emia blood condition
globin protein
ion process
opsy process of viewing
aut, auto self, own
um structure
pro before, forward
peri surrounding
retro behind
trans across, through
ana up
bol to cast
ism process of
cata down
meta change
hist tissue
anterior (ventral) front side of the body
posterior (dorsal) back side of the body
deep away from the surface
superficial on the surface
proximal near the point of attachment to trunk
distal far away from the point of attachment at trunk
inferior below another structure
superior above another structure
lateral pertaining to the side
medial pertaining to the middle
supine lying on the back
prone lying on the stomach
abdomin abdomen
adip fat
anter front
ose full of
chondr cartilage
chrom color
somes bodies
coccyx tail bone
crani skull
dist far, distant
dors back portion of the body
inguin groin
later side
lumb lower back
medi middle
pelv pelvic
poster back, behind
proxim nearest
sacr sacrum
sarc flesh
spin spine
thel, theli nipple
trache trachea
ventre belly side of the body
thorac chest
acr extremities, extreme point
amni amnion(sac surrounding the embryo in the uterus)
angi vessel
axill armpit
blephar eye lid
hydr water
isch to hold back
laryng larynx
lapar abdomen
mamm, mast breast
morph shape
muc mucus
my muscle
myel spinal chord, bone marrow
neutr a white blood cell (neutrophil)
ot ear
phag to swallow/eat
phleb vein
plas formation
pneumon, pulmon lungs
rect rectum
splen spleen
staphyl clusters
strept twisted chains
tonsill tonsils
cele hernia
centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
dynia pain
lysis breakdown, destruction, separation
malacia softening
megaly enlargement
penia deficiency
phobia fear
plasia development, formation, growth
plasty surgical repair
ptosis drooping, falling, prolapse
sclerosis hardening
scope instrument for visual examination
statis controlling, stopping
stomy opening to form a mouth (stoma)
therapy treatment
er one who
ia condition
ole, ule small or little
um, ium structure, tissue
oid resembling, derived from
hernia a protrusion of an organ or the muscular wall of an organ through the cavity that normally contains it
hiatal hernia when the stomach protrudes upward into the mediastinum through the esophageal opening in the diaphragm
cystocele occurs when part of the urinary bladder herniates through the vaginal wall as a result of weakness of the pelvic muscles
streptococcus a berry shaped bacterium growing in twisted chains
staphylococci other berry shaped bacteria that grows in small clusters like grapes
abscess a collection of pus, white blood cells, and protein at the site of infection
MRSA methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
granulocytes polymorphonuclear cells
eosiniphils granules stained red with acidic stain active and increased in number through allergic conditions such as asthma
basophils granules stained blue with basic stain number increases through healing phase of inflammation
neutrophils granules stained purple with neutral stain they are fighting cells of bacteria
Mononuclear Leukocytes agranulocytes
lymphocytes fight disease by producing antibodies
monocytes cells with one large nucleus engulf and destroy foreign cells
thrombocytes or platelets clotting cells
acromegaly an endocrine disorder
pituitary gland produces growth hormone
splenectomy spleen being removed
laparoscopy a visual examination of the abdominal cavity using a laparoscope
adenoids small masses of lymphatic tissues in the part of the pharynx near the nose and nasal passages
carp wrist
cib meals
cost rib
cutane skin
dactyl fingers, toes
duct to lead, carry
furc forking
gloss tongue
immun protection
morph shape, form
mort death
nat birth
nect to bind, tie, connect
norm rule, order
ox oxygen
pub pubis
seps infection
somn sleep
son sound
the to put, place
thry thyroid gland
tox poison
blast immature, embryonic
drome to run
fusion coming together
gen substance that produces
lapse to slide, fall, sag
meter to measure
mission to send
or one who
oxia oxygen
partum birth, labor
phoria to bear, to carry; feeling
physis to grow
plasia development, formation, growth
plasm structure formation
pnea breathing
ptosis falling, drooping, prolapse
rrhea flow, discharge
stasis stopping, controlling
trophy development, nourishment
ab away from
a, an no, not, without
ad toward
ana up, apart
ante before, forward
anti against
bi two
brady slow
con with, together
contra opposite, against
hemi half
eu good, normal
in not
infra beneath, under
inter between
macro large
META beyond, change
micro small
neo new
pan all
para abnormal
per through
peri surrounding
poly many, much
pre before, in front of
pro before, foward
pros before, forward
retro behind, backward
sub under
supra above, upper
syn together, with
tachy fast
ultra beyond, excess
uni one
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