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U.S. apparel industry includes: accessories
what industry accounts for more than 60% of all sales? womens wear
what industry is especially important during economic hardships? accessories
average product lifespan if household items is: 10 years
textile segment includes: yarn production
foreseeing fashion trends and making predictions of upcoming trends is: fashion forecasting
direction of movement of public acceptance is: fashion trend
what is an example of fashion services? doneger creative services
what is an example of color services? pantone
what do rising sales identify? developing trends
trends that start in the upper class and move down to the masses: trickle down theory
trends that start among lower class and move up to celebrities: trickle up theory
trends that move through similar social levels: trickle across theory
temporary trend during a short period of time: fad
product expected to do well but fails: flop
New York garment district: 7th avenue
primarily serves west coast LA, CA
well known for bridal and western wear: Dallas, Texas
known for selling swimwear: Miami, FL
Fashion piracy is: stealing design ideas
string bikini originated in: 70s
bikini originated in: 40s
color tv originated in: 50s
stirrup pants were popular in: 80s
a brightly colored tunic is a(n): dishiki
self-taught tailor tommy hilfiger
first american designer to introduce pinstripes and houndstooth: bill blass
credit for saving companies from bankruptcy: tom ford
mime performer before becoming a designer: miuccia prada
earned $100 million per year first 2 years: Sean "Puff daddy" Combs
particularly unique version of a style: design
details are: sleeves, colors, lace, etc.
a style that continues to be popular over an extended period of time: classic
technical name for color: hue
fake or imitation fabrics: faux
Created by: brooklynsimme
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