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Euro Vocab 2

coup d'etat overthrow of a government
entente agreement between governments
laissez-faire no government interference
lettre de cachet letter ordering imprisonment
regime system of government or rule
avant-garde innovators in any art
baton conductor's stick
denouement solution of the plot in a story
musicale social gathering with music
repertoire list of performances prepared to perform
vignette short verbal description
bonbon piece of candy
hors d'oeuvres appetizer
piece de resistance main dish or item
bouffant puffed out
corsage small bouquet worn by a woman
flamboyant flamelike and showy
toupee wig
vogue fashion
apropos by the way
bagatelle trifle
coup de grace merciful finishing stroke
milieu environment or setting
premiere first performance
queue line of people
raison d'etre reason for existing
rendezvous meeting place
silhouette shadow
sobriquet nickname
vis-a-vis face to face
Created by: MonicaHope