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The Crusades

Jerusalem Where is the Holy Land
Richard The I Who is one of the leaders of the Christians of the 3rd Crusade (English Leader)
Very dirty, and didn't have much sanitation Who is the people in Europe
Reserved for armor and weapons What is iron
Are wearing ragged clothes Who are the common people, and even the nobles
Sejurk Turks Who are the people who beat the Christian Byzantines at the Battle of Manzikert
The Bible What is the Word Of God to the Christians
Muslims What are continued advancements in math, science, and medicine as an impact of the Crusades
Paper What is introduced to the West as an impact of the Crusades
Feudal System, and Manor system are forever weakened What is an impact the Crusades in Europe
Expanded trade networks What is an impact of the Crusades in the Middle East
Coin money What is an impact of the Crusades in Europe
The Christian Afterlife Where is Heaven
Catholic Church is saving what What is entity for all people
Pope Eugenis III Who is the pope during the 2nd Crusade
Pope Innocent III Who is the pope during the 4th Crusade
Lack of naval support What is one of the issues for Western Knights
Beer The drink of choice in Medieval Europe for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
$180,000 What is the cost to supply one knight
Venice Where is the city that expands to control in the trading world
Created by: Jaguar19