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1st Year His

Period of Renaissance 1400-1600
Renaissance means.. rebirth
Renaissance began in.. Italy
Patrons Rich people who paid artists to create beautiful pieces of art.
Constantinople The place where Greeks fled from. They brought ideas from Greece.
Medici Family Wealthy Patron Family from Florence. Owned the Medici bank.
Cosimo de Medici Head of the Medici bank. Had the Medici library, paid for the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore
Lorenzo de Medici Cosimo's grandson. Lorenzo sponsored many famous artists. Nicknamed Lorenzo The Magnificent.
Giorgio Vasari Italian artist who wrote a book of biographies of famous artists
Subjects Painting subjects changed from religious to family portraits
Anatomy the interior make up of a person or plant. Painters began to study it.
Perspective making people look three dimensional. Giving more depth.
Frescoe Painting on wet plaster
Free standing sculpture figures that were attached to anything
Leonardo de Vinci painter and creator born in Florence 1452
Baptism of Christ Leonardo worked on this as an apprentice with Verrochico. He painted an angel that was better than his masters.
The Last Supper One of Leonardo's most famous painting
Mona Lisa One of Leonardo's most famous paintings
Dissection Leonardo opened up bodies to examine and sketch muscles etc
Stufmato making
Michaelangelo Sculptor and painter born in Caprese 1475
The Pieta Michelangelo's most famous piece
Statue of David A tall sculpture based on the story of David and Goliath
Sistine Chapel Michelangelo's ceiling painting commissioned by Pope Julius II.
St Peter's Basilicia Michelangelo finished this piece of architecture.
Raphael Painter born in Umbria 1483
The School of Athens Raphael's most famous painting
Rembrant Born Netherlands 1631
The Night Watch Rembrant's painting
Albrecht Durer German artists known for engravings and woodcuts.
Printing Press Designed by John Gutenberg, It created a movable type frame, which duplicated copies.
Venacular everyday language of the people. The Bible was printed in the vernacular so people could read it.
Shakespeare Writer of the Renaissance. Born 1564.
Comedy of Errors A play written by Shakespeare
The Globe The theatre which housed Shakespeare's plays
Created by: JCHistory