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Agriculture- Unit 5

What is agriculture? The purposeful tending to crops and raising of livestock in order to produce food and fiber.
What is Mediterranean farming? Farming style that works best with dry soil and warm weather.
What is Dairy farming? Farming that is mechanized. Also, the product is used for human consumption.
What is mixed livestock with crop production? The crops that are being grown feed the livestock.
What is livestock ranching? Farming livestock on a large amount of land (Ex. Great Plains)
What is specialized fruit production? Orchards that can be picked by machines or migrant workers(move seasonally).
What is a truck farm? They produce mostly vegetables for the market. They are picked by machine or migrant workers (move seasonally).
What is a suitcase farm? When nobody lives on the farm, so workers must drive to and from work (the farm)everyday.
What is grain farming? Farms that only grow grains.
Who was Johann Heinrich von Thunen? He was a German scientist.
What was Johann Heinrich von Thunen's model? It was a model of how, classically, land use was laid out.
What was the center of Johann Heinrich von Thunen's model? The central city/market
What was the first layer of Johann Heinrich von Thunen's model? Markets and feedlots
What was the second layer of Johann Heinrich von Thunen's model? Dairy farms
What was the third layer of Johann Heinrich von Thunen's model? Livestock farming
What was the fourth layer of Johann Heinrich von Thunen's model? Grain farming
What was the fifth layer of Johann Heinrich von Thunen's model? Livestock grazing (ranching)
What was the sixth layer of Johann Heinrich von Thunen's model? Other resources (non-agricultural)
What was the formula for Johann Heinrich von Thunen's model? Economic Rent(R)=E(p-a)-Efk Where: E = yield in units per acre p = market price per unit of output a = cost of production per unit per acre f = transport cost per unit per mile k = distance from the market in miles
What were some assumptions Von Thunen's model based around? The city is located centrally within an "Isolated State." Soil quality and climate are consistent. The land is completely flat and has no rivers or mountains.
How applicable is Von Thunen's model today? Partly (Parts of a country are specialized but it doesn't create a perfect circle)
How has von Thunen’s model been modified? It now takes account climate and that a physical feature that alters the environment that not everyone can access
What is a Federal rectangular grid? Plots of land (Ex. Homestead Act)
What is Township and range? Mileage (Ex. Northwest Ordinance)
What are Metes and bounds? When land is laid out based on geographic regions (located in southern US)
What is a Long lot? It divides land into narrow strips back from rivers, roads, or canals.
What is a nucleated settlement? Intense cultivation with homes clustered into a village
What is a Dispersed settlement? Individual farms widely spaced
What is a Linear village? Follows a stream of road
What is a Cluster village? An intersection of roads
What are the differences in climate regions and agricultural regions? There are no differences. They seem to match up.
Created by: 17honeycuttn
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