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Neuro 2


What does the central (rolandic) fissure separate? The frontal and parietal lobes
What does the lateral (sylvian) fissure separate? The parietal and temporal lobes
What are Gyri and Sulci? Gyri are folds, Sulci are small grooves (as opposed to fissures)
What is the Precentral Gyrus also known as, and where is it located? What does it do? AKA Motor Strip, and located just anterior to the rolandic fissure. Gives rise to contralateral motor impulses.
What does the postcentral gyrus do? Sensory input via peripheral sensory nerves from spinal cord thru thalamus
What is the Lateral Spinothalamic Tract for? Where does it cross? What happens with lesion? Sensing pain/temp; crosses immediately in spinal cord, lesion results in loss of pain/temp contralaterally below lesion
What is the Anterial Spinothalamic Tract for? Where cross? With lesion? Sensing light touch, cross immediately in spinal cord, lesion results in loss of light touch contralaterally below lesion
What are the Posterior Columns for? Where do they cross? What happens with lesion? Sensing vibration, proprioception, stereognosis. Cross at intersection between spinal cord and brain stem. Lesion results in loss of these abilities ipsilaterally.
What is the Anterior/Posterior SpinoCerebellar Tract for? What happens with lesion? Senses unconscious proprioception. Lesions always result on deficit ipsilaterally.
What is the Anterior/Lateral Corticospinal Tract? Where does it cross? What does it divide? These are descending motor tracts which cross where brain and spinal cord meet. Divides neurons into Upper and Lower Motor Neurons.
What are the structures that make up the Limbic System? Hippocampus, Amygdala, Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Cingulate Gyrus
What cranial nerve(s) is/are the midbrain associated with? CN III and CN IV
What cranial nerve(s) is/are the pons associated with? CN V
What crainal nerve(s) is/are associated with the medulla? IX, X, XII
Where are the points of synapse for the thalamic synapses? Ventropostlateral Nucleus (VPL)Ventroposteromedical Nucleaus (VPM) - synapses for spinothalmaic tract
Where does the Optic Tract synapse? Lateral Geniculate Bodies
Where does the Auditory Tract synapse? Medial Geniculate Bodies
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