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Spain Matching Game

Definition on one side, term on other

This large plateau occupies more than half of Spain Meseta
These people crossed into Spain from Africa in A.D.711, bringing many cultural and culinary advances Moors
This fleet of armed ships was defeated in 1588 Spanish Armada
Many Spaniards make their living in these industries Fishing and farming
This is part of the festivities during the annual feast day observed for the patron saint of each town Bullfight
This term, which means food of the people, describes Spanish cuisine Del Pueblo
The Romans contributed these ingredients to Spanish cuisine Olive oil and garlic
Spanish cooking should not be confused with the spicy cooking of this country Mexico
This Spanish sauce is flavored and colored with large amounts of parsley Salsa verde
Vegetables, beef, lamb, ham, poultry, and a spicy sausage cook together in a large pot to make this dish Cocido
These are Spanish appetizers Tapas
These small pieces of vegetables, meat, poultry, or fish are battered, deep-fried, and served as appetizers Buñuelitos
These grilled foods are served as appetizers Pinchos
This is a fish soup in which all the ingredients are cooked together for 15 minutes Sopa al cuarto de hora
This soup if often made with coarseley pureed tomatoes, onions, garlic, and green peppers; olive oil; and vinegar Gazpacho
This garlic mayonnaise is served with seafood in some parts of Spain All-i-oli
This dark sausage has a spicy, smoky flavor Chorizo
This Spanish rice dish has many variations Paella
This is a Spanish omelet Tortilla
The Spanish use this term to refer to dried beans, lentils, and chickpeas Pulses
This caramel custard is a popular Spanish dessert Flan
This second morning meal is served at around 11 o'clock Almuerzo
This popular Spanish has a nutlike flavor Sherry
This wine-based punch is served throughout Spain Sangria
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