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Certification Review

Chapter One

MAs may take the AAMA examination to obtain which credential? (a)CMAS (b)RMA (c)CMA-AAMA (d)CPC (e)AMT C. CMA (AAMA)
An MA: (a)Has good written and oral communication skills (b)Looks and acts professional at all times (c)Is aware of the scope of practice and stays within the legal boundaries (d)Assists the provider in all areas of the ambulatory care setting (e)All E. All of the above
Good MAs portray a professional attitude by: (a)Discussing personal life at work (b)talking with co-workers about personal probs (c)Reminding provider they only work 7.5 hours/day (d)Helping patients in a friendly, empathetic way (e)Doing basic workload D. Helping patients in a friendly and empathetic manner
To become involved with the prof. org., MAs can: (a)Attend local chapter or state meetings (b)Attend national conference or state convention (c)join their ntl. org. (d)Offer to serve on local, state or national commitee (e)All of the above E. All of the above
A system of values that each individual has that determines perception of right and wrong is called? (a)Laws (b)Ethics (c)Attributes (d)Attitudes B. Ethics
Stepping into a patient's place, discovering what the patient is experiencing, the recognizing and id'ing with those feelings is: (a)Sympathy (b)Association (c)Flexibility (d)Empathy D. Empathy
Which of the follosing contribute to a professional appearance: (a)Good nutrition and exercise (b)Healthy skin, teeth, nails (c)Showering and deodorant use (d)All of the above D. All of the above
Courses in a professional MA program include a complement of general knowledge classes such as AP and : (a)Assisting with minor surgery (b)CPR (c)Medical Terminology (d)Computer application C. Medical Terminology
The type of regulation for health care providers that is legislated by each state and is mandatory in order to practice is: (a)Licensure (b)Registration (c)Certification (d)A and C A. Licensure
Created by: JDenning8984