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MAT biology

Biology Topics to Study for the Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

abscission process by which an organism sheds a part of itself
aerobic organism organism that has an oxygen-based metabolism
anatomy study of the structure of organisms
arachnology study of arachnids (spiders, scorpions)
bacteria microorganisms without a cell nucleus
bacteriophage virus that infects bacteria
chloroplast plant organelle that does photosynthesis
endemism life unique to a geographical region
enzyme molecule that speeds up chemical reaction
ethology study of animal behavior
gene unit of heredity
herpetology study of amphibians
histology study of microscopic anatomy
insulin hormone that regulates metabolism
invertebrate animal with no vetebral column
Krebs cycle reactions by aerobic life to produce energy
leukocyte white blood cell; immune system
ligament tissue that connects bones to other bones
meiosis cell division required for sexual reproduction
mitosis process in which chromosomes split into 2 identical sets
mycology study of fungi
physiology study of the physical funtions of organisms
phytopathology study of plant diseases
transcription copying of DNA to RNA
vacuole membrane-enclosed organelle in all plant cells
virology study of viruses
zoology study of the animal kingdom
Crick, Francis Brit--DNA (along with James Watson)
Fleming, Alexander Scot--penicillin
Larmark, Jean-Baptiste naturalist and proponent of evolution
Mendel, Gregor founder of genetics--pea plants
Pasteur. Louis microbiology; pasteurization
Sabin, Albert Amer--oral polio vaccine
Salk, Jonas Amer--first polio vaccine
Watson, James Amer--DNA (with Crick)
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