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In Class Questions

BIO 208: A&P - In Class Questions Exam 3

Sound vibrations first vibrate Oval window
Hair cells are embedded into what structure in the inner ear? Basilar membrane
Why are steroids so dangerous? Membrane permeable so they go everywhere in the body, affect gene activity permanently, powerful effects, effect immune system and stress responses
Hormones 1&2 have effects A&B. Synergistic effects might have 10 x (A+B) effects
Which of the below best describes pre-adult HGH homeostasis? Fairly regular oscillations in [HGH]
Which is most closely associated with too high (thyroxine)? Graves disease
The maximum number of oxygen molecules (O2) that can bind to a SINGLE hemoglobin molecule is ___? 4
Which WBC has the largest size? Monocytes
The vessel that carries blood with little or no oxygen (O2) from the heart to the lungs is called the ___? Pulmonary artery
Cardiac muscle cells have ___. The SAME as do skeletal muscles. Myogenic automatic rhythmicity
The cardiac pacemaker really refers to the ___? SA node
The cardiac factor the LEAST contributes to STROKE VOLUME is ___? Cardiac output
As Venous Return increases, what effects will it have on Heart Rate, Stroke Volume, and Cardiac Output? All 3 increase
How did Michael lose consciousness from cardiac tachycardia? Decreased SV caused too low BP
If the internal valves in veins stop working properly, what can be the result? pooling blood in lower veins, varicose veins, lower max cardiac output and lower max Stroke Volume
What is the PHYSICAL reason why blood gushes out of the arm if it is cleanly severed? Decrease in R in arm
What is the main reason you give a person (who has lost a lot of blood) intravenous fluids? To increase their BP
Which molecule affects Cardiac Output the least? N2
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