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MAT word roots

Word Roots to Study for the Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

act do (react)
alter other (alterego--other self)
am love (amative--loving)
anim mind, spirit (animism--belief in the soul)
annu year (annual)
arch rule (archangel)
auto self (autograph
bell war (belligerent)
ben good (benefactor)
cad fall or die (cadaver)
capit head (capitol)
ceed go (exceed--go past expectations)
chrono time (chronograph--stopwatch)
cis cut (incise)
claim shout (proclaim, exclaim)
cred believe (credence)
cur run (curator)
dem people (demagogue--crowd-pleasing speaker)
dic say (diction)
doc teach (document)
duc lead (viaduct, conductor0
eu well (euphoria)
fac to make (factotum--someone who does different jobs)
fer carry (ferry)
fin end
flect bend (reflect--bend light; genuflect)
fort strong
frag break
gen race (genocide)
gress step (progress)
ject throw (eject, inject)
leg law
log speech (epilogue)
lum light (luminescence)
mag big
mal bad
mit send (transmit)
morph shape (metamorphic, morphology)
mut change (mutate)
nat born (natal)
nom name
nov new
omni all
path feel (empathic)
ped foot
phil love
port carry
rid laugh (ridicule)
sci know (conscious)
scrib write (inscribe0
sens feel (sensation)
sol sun OR alone (desolate, dissolve)
spec look
tain hold
tract pull (tractor)
ven come
ver truth (see) (veracity)
vis see (visor)
viv life
voc call (vociferate)
vol wish (volition)
Created by: Pippin14
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