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Camp Fundamentals


Explain the fundamentals of camp layout. 1. Sufficient space for command dispersion 2. Concealment from ground and air observation 3. Protection from bombing and strafing attacks 4. Protection from mechanized attack
Discuss the purpose of leach fields to dispose sewage and gray water into the ground
What is a leach field constructed of 4 to 6 in perforated pipe
How far apart are the pipes in a leach field? pipes are 5-10 feet apart
Pattern of a leach field. herringbone pattern
Trouble desk receive all customer service calls
Four Priority Work Classifications Safety, Function, Preventative, appearance
Operator inspection Performed by the operator assigned to the equipment. Part of the operator's day-to-day responsibilities.
Potable water water that is safe to drink
Non-Potable Water unsafe and/or unpalatable for drinking
Chlorination Most common method of disinfecting potable water. Residual of at least 2.0 ppm
Super chlorination used to disinfect water containers at least 100 parts per million
mission of the Logistical Advance Party in camp support is precede the main body and to accomplish administrative, logistic and construction missions required to enable the main body to arrive at the camp and start their mission
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