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BIO 208: A&P - CARLA 15

Anatomically, lymph vessels resemble veins
The cells responsible for humoral immunity are the B cells
Stem cells that will form T cells are modified in the thymus
Immunoglobulins that are the largest class and are mainly responsible for resistance against viruses, bacteria, and bacterial toxins are IgG
The specificity of an antibody is determined by the variable region
In order for a lymphocyte to respond to an antigen, the antigen must bind to specific receptors on the lymphocyte membrane
The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) is a group of genes that codes for human leukocyte antigens
The cells responsible for the production of circulating antibodies are plasma cells
In active artificial immunity, the body is deliberately exposed to an antigen
Lymph nodes monitor the contents of lymph by removing debris and pathogens and act as a "check station" for only cancer cells
Areas of the spleen that contain large numbers of lymphoid nodules are known as white pulp
The red pulp of the spleen contains large numbers of macrophages
The largest collection of lymphatic tissue in the adult body is located in the spleen
An inflammatory response is triggered when what kind of cells release histamine, serotonin, and heparin? mast
Immunity that results from antibodies that pass the placenta from mother to fetus is called passive natural
Blocking the antigen receptors on the surface of lymphocytes would interfere with antigen recognition
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