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Stack #153619

Pilgrims A member of the group rejected the church of england sailed to america and founded the playmouth company
Puritan a member of a group from england that settled the massatuchuts by colony in 1630 and sought to return the practises of the church of england
Mayflower compact An agreement established by the men who sailed to america by the mayflower whic called for laws for the good of the colony
great migration the movement of the puritans from england to establish settlements around the world including 20000 who sailed for america afrcans come between 1910-1920
Fundamental orders of connenticut A set of laws that were established in 1639 by a puritan Congregation who had settled in conetecut valley!!!!!!!!!!
Roger williams Roger williams minister who left mass bay co. and founded the city of rhode island
Anne Hutchinson A women forced to leave mass, bay colony worship god without minstery help
Why did the girls accuse other people about witchcraft. Because they heard stories about Witches
What was the reson for the pilgrims leaving england because they thought the church was becomming more like catholic
A written contract issued by the goverment Charter
Created by: Holland56