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Anatomical main parts of the teeth corona dentis collum dentis radix dentis
cross sectional structures of the teeth enamel dentium cementum cavitas dentis pulpa dentis
main art of pharynx nasopharynx oropharynx laryngopharynx
tonsils tonsillae.. ..pharyngea ..tubariae ..palatinae
wall of pharyncs tunica muscosa tunica muscularis adventitia
muscles of pharynx m. stylopharyngeus m. palatopharyngeus mm. constrictor pharyngis
layers of the esophagus tunica mucosa tela submucosa tunice muscularis
wall structure of stomach tunica mucsa (rugae) submucosal tissue 2 muscular layers tunica serosa (peritoneum)
the stomach is....(peritoneal relation) intraperitoneal
parts of the small intestine duodenum jejunum ileum
the duodenum is . . . extraperitoneal
the jejunim is . . . intraperitoneal (has mesentory)
what to mention about the jejunum and ileum it has vili intestinales
what to mention about the ileum it hast lympatic aggregations, opens inso the ceacum in the fossa iliaca dextra
main party of the lrge intestine caecum colon rectum
the caecum is... intraperitoneal
parts of the colon colon.. ..ascendens(meso) ..tranverszm(intra) ..descendens(meso) .. sigmoideum(intra)
what to mention about the rectum ampulla recti canalis analis m. sphincer (internus/externus)
outer sight of large intestine taenia coli haustrae appendices epiploicae
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