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Commander in Chief (President) Barack Obama
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel
Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus
Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral Jonathan Greenert
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) MCPON Michael D. Stevens
Fleet Master Chief FLTCM Charles Clarke
Force Master Chief Sherman Boss
Oplan detailed statement of a course of action to be followed to accomplish a future mission.
OPORD puts an OPLAN into effect
Warning Order to give advance notice that a unit is to be moved.
EDVR Enlisted Distribution Verification Report
Naval Message Formal and secure / able to track
E-mail Informal and not secure.
Page 2 Record of Dependent/Emergency Data
Page 4 Enlisted Qualification History
Page 13 Administrative Remarks / Significant miscellaneous entries
OPREP Operation Report Equipment status and manning issues
LOGREQ Logistical Requirements Report Request sent by message at least 3 working days prior to ships ETA. For supplies and AT/FP assistance.
SORTS Status of resources and training systems to provide combat readiness data
SITREP Situation Report. own situation, disposition and/or status of forces, along with the local situation overview, operations, intelligence and reconnaissance and logistics.
combatant under the laws of Armed conflict. The laws of armed conflict tell you what you can and cannot do in combat situations. Under the laws of armed conflict, only combatants are considered proper targets and may be fired upon.
navpers 1070/602 page 2
navpers 1070/604 page 4
EDVR sections Alpha Roster; Personnel Status Summary; (DNEC) Management; NEC Billet and Personnel Inventory;
CMC duties Command Orientation, Command Sponsor Program , CPO/PO Indoctrination Courses, Enlisted Warfare Qualifications Program, Professional Development Board, Awards board
CNO duties Exercise Leadership, Plan and Provide, Inspect and Investigate
MCPON duties primary enlisted adviser to the CNO, makes recommendations to help develop effective leadership and training, testifies before congressional committees and subcommittees
Created by: gamezmasterz
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