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Stufflet Unit 16 Eur

Unit 16 Euro

radical totalitarian dictatorship regime whose purpose is to gain TOTAL control over the masses of people and mobilize them to CHANGE society
New Economic Policy Lenin's program of limited economic freedom in an attempt to rebuild agriculture and industry
nationalization when the government takes over all industrial production
collectivization when the government takes over all agricultural production
Joseph Stalin Soviet dictator from 1927-1953
Leon Trotsky Bolshevik that organized the Red Army and challenged Stalin for the Soviet leadership; murdered in Mexico City in 1940
"socialism in one country" Stalin's idea that USSR could build socialist country on own and be self-sufficient
Five Year Plans Stalin's plans of forced nationalization and collectivization whose purpose it was to stimulate the Soviet economy
Great Purge of 1937 Stalin's removal of anyone he saw as a threat to his power; resulted in more loyal Communist Party by early 1940s
Fascism political ideology that combines extreme nationalism, totalitarianism, and the importance of the state above all else
Benito Mussolini Fascist dictator of Italy from 1922 to 1943
Black Shirts private army of the Fascist Party in Italy under Mussolini
Lateran Agreement of 1929 Mussolini recognized the Vatican as an independent state
National Socialist German Workers' Party fascist party in Germany; led by Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler fascist dictator of Nazi Germany
Karl Lueger anti-semitic mayor of Vienna; inspired Hitler with his use of anti-semitism in politics
Dolchstoss idea that Germany didn't lose World War I, but was "stabbed in the back" by traitors at home who made peace too early
Beer Hall Putsch Hitler's failed attempt to overthrow the German government in 1923
Mein Kampf Hitler's book that he wrote while in prison
Lebensraum literally means "living space"; idea that Germany needed to expand its territory
Weimar Republic government of Germany from 1919 to 1933
Enabling Act law passed by Nazis that gave Hitler dictatorial powers
Dachau 1st Nazi concentration camp; created to imprison political opponents of Nazis
SA (Brownshirts) private para-military force of Nazis; intimidated political and racial opponents
SS originally Hitler's "protection squads"; later ran concentration and death camps
Anschluss Nazi Germany's takeover of Austria
Sudetenland German-speaking portion of Cechoslovakia
Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact agreement that allowed Hitler to avoid a two front war and gave Germany and the USSR pieces of Poland
Anglo-German Naval Agreement established ratios for British and German navies; implied Germany was allowed to re-arm
appeasement British policy of granting Hitler most things he wanted in order to avoid war
Francisco Franco dictator of Spain
Munich Conference meeting in which the Sudetenland was given to Hitler and Nazi Germany
Danzig Polish city that Hitler demanded from Poland in 1939
Dunkirk French port the British were trapped at before their withdrawal to Britain
Vichy France French government that was friendly to the Nazis after the German defeat of France
Henri Petain French leader of Vichy France
Battle of Britain Air battle between Royal Air Force (RAF) and German Luftwaffe over English Channel for control of skies
Operation Barbarossa German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941
Battle of Stalingrad turning point of the war on the eastern front; Soviet victory
Operation Overlord code name for the Allied invasion of northern France in June 1944
Nuremberg Laws laws that defined who a Jew was and that denied German Jews of their citizenship
Kristallnacht 1938; first organized attack on German Jews; resulted in Jewish emigration
Final Solution the Nazi plan to murder EVERY Jew in Europe in a systematic way (murdered 6 million)
Auschwitz largest of 6 Nazi death camps in Poland
Heinrich Himmler leader of Nazi SS
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