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Isn't Fun

What is an Epidural Hematoma, and what typically causes it? A bleed into the the space between the skull and dura mater; rupturing the middle meningeal artery
What is the most common cause for a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage? arterial or aneurysmal rupture
What is "the worse headache of your life?" Subarachnoid Hemorrhage?
What is a bleed into the substance of the brain called? An intraparenchymal bleed
State the Five Main Functions of the frontal lobe 1) Voluntary fine movements 2) Voluntary coarse movements 3) Voluntary conjugate eye movements 4) Abstract thinking, reasoning, IQ, personality 5) Motor speech
Name the level at which the motor fibers cross Pyramid in the medulla of the brainstem
What happens if Broca's area is lesioned? Unable to coherently express verbal or written language: Word Salad
State the primary functions of the parietal lobe Sensory perception, recognition of various body parts and constructional associations, spatial discrimination
What are the two main sensory fiber tracts, and the sensations they mediate? Lateral Spinothalmaic; pain and temp from controlateral side. Sensory Fiber Tracts; proprioception and vibration
List three functions governed by temporal lobe. Perception and interpretation of sound, Integration of taste, smell, and balance, Perception of speech and its interpreation located in Wernicke's area
State the primary functions of the Occipital Lobe Visual Cortex; processes visual info
What will happen with a lesion anterior to the optic chiasm? Total blindness on lesion side, full vision on uninvolved side
What will happen with a lesion to the Optic Chiasm? Loss of peripheral (temporal) vision in both eyes
What will happen with a lesion posterior to the Optic Chiasm? Loss of nasal vision on lesion side, loss of temporal (peripheral) vision on opposite side
List functions associated with the Limbic System Memory, emotion, behaviors, sexual activity, thirst, sense of smell associated with memory
List the Posterior Pituitary Hormones ADH, Oxytocin
List the signs and sx of cerebellar disease Unilateral lesion will result in impairment on the ipsilateral side, Hypotonia, Dysmetria, Intentional Tremor, Ataxia
List the structures comprising the Brainstem Midbrain, Pons, Medulla
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