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Dialysis M3

Exam 8

NxStage system One (NSO) weighs about? 70 pounds
The NSO has whats 4 major components? Cycler, OneView, Fluid warmer and Cartridge
The ___ clamped line is the Arterial/access tubing. RED
The ___ clamped line is the Venus/return tubing. BLUE
The ___ clamped line is the Therapy fluid tubing. GREEN
The ___ clamped line is the Effluent/waste tubing. YELLOW
The NSO can operate in HF, HD, UF
CVVHD Continous VenoVenous Hemodialysis
CVVH Continous VenoVenous Hemofiltration
Hemodialyzer labeling requirements are? Time of labeling, Composition, Information to be recorded on the label
AAMI Standards
Cleaning Agents
What is Apheresis? To remove or separate a part from a whole
Options for Apheresis Access include? Peripheral venipuncture 17g, AVG/AVF, Central line
Hold virect pressure for ? 15 minutes and use a wrap
ACD-A is (Acid Citrate Dextrose-formula A) binds to Calcium
Dialyzers are rinsed within __ minutes of termination of dialysis? 10
Cleaning agents are introduced into the ______ side of the kidney? blood
Cleaning agents should? What is Restore surface area, Improve appearance and not cause injury to the membrane
Dialyzer cleaning agents consist of? What is Sodium hypochlorite (bleach), peroxide, peracetic acid, detergents, enzimes and EDTA
What gives a good estimate of clearance? What is Determining the volume of the hollow fiber bundle.
Testing the dialyzer for use include? What is membrane leak, case leak, appearance and number of clotted fibers.
Compartments must be disinfected with appropriate concentration of an __________________? antimicrobial agent
Agent but remain in dialyzer during _______? storage
What is the ideal disinfectant? broad antimicrobial, non reactive to dialyzer and non toxic to staff and patients
CDC, NKF and AMMI recommend which disinfectant? 4% formaldehyde
Reprocessed dialyzers are reused only on the _________________? original patient
Prior to use the dialyzers must be tested for presence of_________? disinfectant
An all inclusive SOP for the reprocessing, including policies, training materials, manuals, procedures, etc. What is Master Record
Record of specific information about each dialyzer that is reprocessed. What is Reprocessing record
What are the hemodialyzer labeling requirements? What is Time of labeling, composition of label and information to be recorded on the label.
Preparation for dialysis and testing for toxic residue include? Visual inspection, patient identification, testing for germicide, rinsing and priming dialyzer, set up dialyzer and content of written policies for testing toxic residue
True/False: The Sorbent dialysis system needs no water treatment system. True
Sorbent dialysis is different from standard dialysis in that. The spent dialysate is not discarded but regenerated by passing through a sorbent cartridge.
The REDY system is widely used to treat patient requiring? What is Special dialysis solutions.
Sorbent dialysis uses premixed chemicals that are aded to ___ of tap water 6 liters
What are the basic components of the Sorbent system? What is reservoir, cartridge, infusate system and regenerated dialysate solution
How many cartridge layers are there? 4
What are the 4 cartridge layers? Purification, urease, Zirconium Phosphate and hydrated Zirconium Oxide
What are the 2 types of cartridges? SORB 20 gm chronic , and HISORB 30 gm acute
Disadvantages of Sorbent dialysis. bicarbonate proportionately reduced, low pump speed and clearance
Advantages to Sorbent dialysis. can use tap water and only 6 liters of water required
Created by: SGT WEAVER