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Review for Histology Test

Simple Squamous F: Absorption, Filtration, Secretion L: Air Sacs
Simple Cubiodal F: Absorption, Filtration, Secretion L: Kidney tubules
Simple Columnar F: Absorption, Secretion L: GI Tract
Pseudostratified F: Absorption, Secretion L: Airways (Respiratory Tract)
Non Keratinized Stratified Squamous F: Protection L: Mouth/Esophagus
Keratinized Stratified Squamous F: Protection L: Skin (Epidermis)
Stratified Columnar F: Protection L: Uterus
Stratified Cuboidal F: Protection L: ducts of large glands
Stratified Transitional F: modified/can stretch L: Urinary system
Hyaline Cartilage F: supports, eases movement L: trachea
Elastic Cartilage F: provides flexible support L: ear
Dense Connective (tendons) F: Holds muscle to bone L: Bone markings
Dense Connective (ligaments) F: Holds bone to bone L: at a joint
Loose Connective (areolar) F: reservoir, cushions L: between skin and bone
Loose Connective (adipose) F: energy storage, insulation, cushion L: beneath skin, surrounding organs
Bone F: mineral storage/support L: Skeleton
Blood F: transports nutrients and waste L: in blood vessels and heart.
Cardiac Muscle F: contracts heart/pumps blood L: Heart
Skeletal Muscle F: moves skeleton L: attached to bone
Smooth Muscle F: moves food through GI tract L: Digestive Tract
Exocrine Gland F: secretes product to open space L: ex. Sweat Gland
Endocrine Gland F: secretes product into bloodstream L: ex. Adrenal Gland
What are the five characteristics of Epithelium tissue 1. Forms tight sheets 2. is avascular 3. Has a basement membrane 4. Has one free surface 5. Easily regenerates
What is the difference between simple and stratified epithelium Simple is one layer of cells, stratified has more than one layer.
What are the three shapes epithelial tissue come in squamous is flat cubiodal is cube shaped columnar is column shaped.
Define connective tissue connects body parts
What are the two defining characteristics of connective tissue 1. It has a matrix 2. Can be avascular or vascular
What is an extracellular matrix a matrix is a nonliving substances outside of a cell
What are the different forms a matrix can come as 1. Solid 2. gel-like 3. liquid
What three different types of fibers can be deposited within a matrix 1. Collagen 2. Elastic 3. Reticular
What are the five divisions of connective tissue 1. Blood 2. Bone 3. loose connective 4. dense connective 5. cartilage
Created by: gojovinny