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Understanding Medical Coding

Parturition Labor and delivery
Lactation Process of secreting milk from the breast
Menarche Time when the first menstruation begins
Menopause Time when menstruation ceases
Puerperium Time after delivery that it take for the uterus to return to its normal size -usually 3-6 weeks
Gravidity Term used to indicate the number of pregnancies a woman has had
Parity Term used to indicate the number of pregnancies in which the fetus has reached viability -(Approx 22 weeks)
Gestation Time in which a woman is pregnant and fetal development takes place
Trimester First, second, and third 3-month period of which a pregnancy is divided
Antepartum Time of pregnancy from conception to onset of delivery
Postpartum Time after giving birth
Effacement Obliteration of the cervix during labor from 1 or 2cm in length to paper thin, leaving only the external os; expressed as a percentage
Abortion Termination of pregnancy before the fetus is viable
Prolapse Falling or dropping down of an organ from its normal position or location such as the uterus, bladder, vagina, or rectum
Brachytherapy A natural or man-made radioactive element that is applied in or around a particular treatment field
Ribbons Temporary interstitial placement in clinical Brachytherapy
Sources Intracavitary placement on permanent interstitial placement in clinical Brachytherapy
Quantitative Expresses a specific numerical amount of an analyte
Qualitative Test that detects a particular analyte
Automated Laboratories that assay large munbers of samples mechanically
Manual Performing something by hand or with the hands
Administration The professional service of giving or rendering, often associated with medications or solutions
Vaccine A suspension of microorganisms that is administered to prevent illness
Toxoids Toxins that are treated and revised, given to stimulate antibody production
Psychiatry The branch of medicine that focuses on mental disorder study, treatment, and prevention
End-stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Commonly used term for irreversible kidney failure
Infusion Introduction of a solution into tissue or an organ via intravenous therapy
Modality Application of any therapeutic or physical agent
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