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Block Vll, Unit 2


PERSCO during the Command and Control AETF Force Module: (2-1) An RFL01 UTC with the GCCS-AF equipment arrives to take over the accountability, strength reporting and casualty reporting mission.
PERSCO during the Establish the Airbase AETF Force Module:(2-1) Contains RFL03, RFPF3 and RFL05 UTCs which augment the RFL01 to provide additional personnel leadership and advisory support.
Who is responsible for assigning personnel as PERSCO team members and ensuring all PERSCO Team training is accomplished? (2-2) The FSS commander and superintendent
For personnel preparation, what is the single most important item in the planning phase of PERSCO deployment operations? (2-2) Training
During the planning phase of PERSCO deployment operations, the FSS commander ensures assigned PERSCO personnel complete required PERSCO training within how long of being designated a PERSCO Team member? (2-2) 12 months
During the planning phase of PERSCO deployment operations, who assigns areas of expertise to individual PERSCO Team members and requires each member to build training packages for that area of expertise? (2-2) The PERSCO Team Chief
During the planning phase of PERSCO deployment operations, how often should in-house training sessions be conducted and documented? (2-2) At least twice a month
During the planning phase of PERSCO deployment operations, training should be ... (2-2) As realistic as possible
During the planning phase of PERSCO deployment operations, who serves as the focal point for scheduling and documenting all initial/recurring ancillary deployment training and classified training for PT members? (2-2) The FSS UDM
What must be established and maintained for each PERSCO Team? (2-3) A PERSCO supply kit
What happens during the initial set-up phase of PERSCO deployment operations? (2-3) The PT sets establishes itself AND baseline strength accountability.
During the initial set-up phase of PERSCO deployment operations, what must team do? (2-3) Establish strength accountability for all personnel it's responsible for (regardless of location) and update the accountability system accordingly.
What does a Reception Control Center do? (2-3) In-process forces in an effective and efficient manner.
The PERSCO Team must use all possible means to ... (2-3) Account for arriving forces
Which phase of PERSCO deployment operations is a transition from the initial setup phase (where the majority of the main operating force has arrived and completed in-processing actions)? (2-4) Sustainment Operations
When does the sustainment phase of PERSCO deployment operations occur? (2-4) Any time after arriving at the forward operating location.
How long does the sustainment phase of PERSCO deployment operations last? (2-4) Until a build-up/surge phase occurs or util the redeployment phase
During the sustainment phase of PERSCO deployment operations, the PT continues to do what? (2-4) Maintain total force accountability and strength reporting and provide personnel program advice (MPS-like services).
To maintain accountability during the sustainment phase of PERSCO deployment operations, how often are duty status changes updated? (2-4) Daily
When discussing duty status, the emphasis is on ... (2-4) Availability of members
A person's duty status can change quite easily and must be updated in ... (2-4) DCAPES/MilPDS
When will PTs submit Duty Status Change reports? (2-4) Daily NLT 2400 hours local or NLT the timeline provided by the component command.
To help maintain accountability during the sustainment phase of PERSCO deployment operations, the PT must also submit ... (2-4) Negative Duty Status Change messages
To maintain accountability during the sustainment phase of PERSCO deployment operations, what must be prepared according to AFPC/DPW guidance and forwarded to the component and supporting command for action? (2-4) Personnel filler and replacement requests
During the sustainment phase of PERSON deployment operations, what are the PT's responsibility regarding filler and replacement actions? (2-4) Track them, ensuring timely actions are taken, and notify the deployed commander of their status
ow often are current strength and duty status changes reported? (2-4) On a regular basis
What do PERSCO Teams provide units to help maintain accountability (by identifying personnel who have departed or have not in-processed)? (2-5) Alpha rosters
What leads to a rotation of PERSCO Teams? (2-5) A deployment that turns into a long-term rotational requirement
What must PERSCO continue to maintain during the redeployment phase of PERSCO deployment operations? (2-5) Total force accountability and equipment accountability
Redeployment applies to ... (2-5) Onward or forward redeployments as well as return to home station
For personnel forward deploying supporting the same operation, what does the PERSCO team do? (2-6) Utilize the forward deployment function within the PERSCO module of GCCS-AF to update the new requirement information in DCAPES.
What must be accomplished for forward deploying individuals? (2-6) A duty status change report
For personnel transitioning from routine TDY orders to fill an operational requirement, what must the TDY commander do? (2-6) Submit a request via the PERSCO Team requesting home-station IPR approval. (The IPR coordinates this request with the home-station CC and, if approved, the PT notifies the component and supporting command.)
What is reachback? (2-6) The process of obtaining products, services, applications, forces, equipment or material from organizations that are not forward deployed
What helps PERCO Teams accomplish reachback? (2-6) DCAPES (specifically, its PERSCO Web Application)
What is the reachback enabler for personnel processes and systems? (2-7) Air and Space Expeditionary Force Operations (AFPC/DPW) at Randolph AFB
How long do FSS commanders or deputies have to provide reachback support to deployed commanders and customers? (2-7) Within three duty days of receipt of request
Who accomplishes joint strength reporting for the Joint Force Commander? (2-7) J-1
How is joint strength reporting accomplished for the Joint Force Commander? (2-7) By combining daily service component strength reports into the joint personnel status and casualty report (JPERSTAT)
What is the purpose of the joint personnel status and casualty report (JPERSTAT)? (2-7) To satisfy the commander's information needs and to authenticate the total number of personnel (military, DoD civilian and DoD contractor) physically present in a geographic combatant commander's are of responsibility.
What are some of the steps to take into account when developing a reception processing plan? (2-9) Meet all aircraft carrying incoming personnel; brief all incoming personnel; collect orders and other necessary documents; work with lodging to remain aware of the beddown plan
When it comes to briefing incoming personnel as part of a reception processing plan, what should you be sure to find out? (2-9) Each person's status (permanent party, transient, etc.)
When briefing incoming personnel (as part of your reception processing plan), what should you brief include? (2-9) Guidance from the theater commander on down to local policies that might apply
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