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Dysphagia Difficultly swallowing
Fecal Impaction occurs when constipation is not relieved
Fecal Incontinence unable to hold feces
Colostomy created is part of the large intestine is removed
Ileostomy created if the entire large bowel is removed
Stoma An ostomy involves the creation of an artificial opening in the abdominal wall known as a
Peristalsis wave like muscular movements
Abosorption transfer of nutrients from digestive tract into the bloodstream
Metabolism physical and chemical changes that occur when cells of the body that change the food into energy
Emesis vomiting
Malnutrition lack of nutrients
Apirsation a person who is recieving nourishment thru an enternal tube is at high risk for
Liquid diet anything @ room temp
Clear liquid diet clear drinks no cafine
pureed diet thick paste food
vitamin D sun exposure is the main sourse. which we need in order to absorb deitary calcum
pancreas an organ that produces substances that aid in digestion
thickened liquids liquids adding honey,nectar, pudding
NPO nothing by mouth
fluid fill spoon 1/3 full for small sips
Void urinate, micturition
hematuria blood in the urine
cystitis infection of the bladder
bed side commode a device use for elimination when a person is able to get out of bed but unable to make it to the bathroom
fracture pan a wedge-shaped bedpan that is used when a person has an injury that makes it uncomfortable to use a regular bedpan
ecchymosis discoloration of the skin resulting from bleeding underneath
pressure points bony areas where ulcers are likley to form ( heels,elbows, hips, knees, toes shoulder blades, ears, along the spine, back of the head
lateral position a person laying on his/her side
pallor paleness of the skin
jaundice a yellow discoloration of the skin and whites of the eyes
diaphoresis profuse sweating
bony prominence little fat between bone and the skin (ankles,heels,hips and elbows)
integumentary system organ system that protects body from various kinds of damage such as water loss
tachycardia over 100
bradycardia under 60
systolic peak of pressure in artiries
diastolic miniimum pressure in the artieris
tpr temperature pulse and resperations
bp blood pressure
hypertension 140/90 Blood pressure is consistently higer
hypotension 90/60 blood pressure is consistently lower
pulse rhythm the pattern of the pulse and the pauses between
orthostatic sudden decrease in blood pressure when person goes from standing to sitting
dyspnea difficult breathing
apical pulse heartbeat that is located at the apex of the heart
gingivitis gum infection
halitosis bad breath
periodontitis infection of soft tissue and bones that support teeth can lead to tooth loss
vulva external organs of the female
perineum bottom of vagina to anus
bid twice a day
w/c wheel chair
via by way of
hs hours of sleep
catheter care cleaning perineal area and the catheter tubing that extends out of the body
edema to much water in the tissues of the body
epidermis outter layer of skin
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