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Sheep Army

The Good army in the War of the four territorys.

Who is this? Or what is this?This is.....
Who is the leader of the Sheep Army? Sheep With a Top Hat
Who is the leader of the Cow Kingdom? Cow King
What is the item used to makes Sheep weapons and armor? Iron
What is used to make cow weapons and armor? Stone, and Leather, and Gold
Who is the Human's Leader? King Ronaldo
What is the Human's weapons and armor made of? Stone and gold
What is the last Kingdom? The Mob Army.
What are the Sheep Army's allies? Humans
Who only attacks at night? The Mob Army
Who are good at making evil giant redstone powered machines? The Cow Army
Who normally wins the war? The Sheep or the Cows.
What is the Sheep army Good at? War and crafting weapons from the best and most powerful ores in the world
What are the humans good at? Building Amazing Structures
What are the Mobs good at? Sneak Attacking
Who is Sheep with a Top Hat's right hand man? The Bacca
What Weapon does the Bacca use? A Diamond axe
What weapon Does Sheep W/ a Top Hat use? Diamond sword
What weapon does King Ronaldo use? An Enchanted Golden Sword
Who wins the last War? The Sheep and Humans
Who leads the the sheep to victory at the battle of the Fluffy River? The Bacca
Who walks the White and Black Mountains? The Bacca and Sheep With A Top Hat
How does the Cow King die? He is cornered at the Black Mountain peak and falls to his death
What deal did they make with the mob army? They could roam the lands if they didnt harm anybody
When does the Bacca die? He gets shot by evil Baccas with the Bacca Lord
When does the Human kingdom fall? When the Sheep Kingdom falls
Who survives the mob army? Sheep with a Top Hat, the Bacca, and King Ronaldo and a random hobo named logan
Where do they go after they survive the Mob army? The White Mountain in a sercret hut made just for the problem
How does King Ronlado die? He is killed before they make to the hut with the hobo named logan
Who is the only survivor of the mob army? Sheep W/ A Top Hat
Created by: Bob the Sheep
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