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Medical Term. Words

Chapter 6

Agglutin/o clumping in the immune reaction
Coagul/o clotting
Erythr/o red
Fibrin/o fibers, fibrous
Phag/o eat
-cyte cell
cytosis more than the usual number of cells
-emia blood condition
-globin protein
-penia abnormal decrease; too few
-poiesis formation
Formed elements of the blood leukocytes(white blood cells), erythrocytes (red blood cells), platelets (thrombocytes; cells that clot)
plasma blood minus the formed elements
Hemoglobin protein in the erythrocytes that carry oxygen
Types of leukocytes Neutrophils & Lymphocytes
Nuertophils most numerous one; phagocytizes (eats) pathogens
Lymphocytes main cell in immune system
Two types of Lymphocytes T lymphocytes & B lymphocytes
Thrombolytic destroys blood clots
Hemolytic destroys blood
Leukemia cancer of WBCs (white blood cells)
Anemia not enough RBCs (red blood cells)
Aden/o gland
Immun/o protection
Lymphangi/o lymph vessel
Tox/o poison
-globulin protein
Immunoglobulin protective protein
Macrophage large cell that eats
Lymph system one way; no pump
Lymph vessels tube that lymph goes through
Lymphatic ducts thoracic duct and right lymphatic ducts
Lymph node sites Cervical (Neck), Axillary (armpits), Inguinal (groin), Mediastinal (middle of thoracic cavity )
Organs of lymph systems Tonsils, Spleen, Thymus gland,
Thymus gland place where T lymphocytes mature (cellular immunity)
Bone marrow place where B cells mature (humoral immunity; antibodies free in blood)
Spleen filter blood
Antigen Foreign substance in the body
Allergen antigen that cause allergic reaction
Metastasis spread of cancer
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