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Block VII, Unit 1

Deployed Support Capability

Provides supplies and force support to military and civilian personnel assigned to contingency locations. (1-1) Prime Readiness in Base Services (Prime RIBS)
Some of the basic support Prime RIBS provides includes...(1-1) 1)food service, 2)mortuary affairs, 3)lodging 4)fitness and rec, 5)laundry support, 6)learning resource center, 7)NAF resale, 8)Protocal capabilities
Each Prime RIBS team is capable of...(1-1) Initial food service, billeting, recreation programs, and mortuary operations for up 1200 people.
Four core Prime RIBS missions (1-2) 1)Food Service 2)Lodging 3)Laundry Operation 4)Mortuary Operations
Learning Resource Center (LRC) mission and purpose...(1-3) Centralize access and use of worldwide education, knowledge, and information for deployed personnel.
The LRC should provide ____ capabilities including DANTES, CLEP, and PME, and correspndence courses. (1-3) Educational
Two functions the LRC plays in a deployed environment. (1-3) Education & Diversions
Marketing program goals. (1-4) To recognize the needs and expectations of customers and potential customers, tailor marketing programs to meet those needs, and communicate the right message to the right market.
One of the best ways to maximize your programming efforts.(1-4) Knowing your customer
Helps provide successful and effective recreation programs.. .(1-4) Marketing tools and calenders
The most effective method of promotion, but reaches fewer people.(1-5) Personal contact
An important element to keep Airmen connected and are specifically set up for morale purposes; not for official use. (1-5) Telephones & Computers
Differences with in women, enlisted, minorities, language, and local customs present... (1-6) Unique challenges at a deployed location
Additional challenges for protocol in deployed location. (1-6) Operating Environments, Joint Operations, Coalition Operations
Three types of security needs protocol personnel need to be aware of. (1-7) Security/OPSEC/COMSEC
An excellent management tool for familiarizing newly assigned personnel with their duties. (1-8) Having a Continuity Folder
It's important to be aware of your boss'...(1-8) Wants, likes, and dislikes
It's important to be aware of another culture's...(1-8) Local customs and courtesies
A great morale booster, especially if the resale items meet customer's needs. (1-8) NAF Resale Operations
Resale with focus on providing health and hygiene items for deployed personnel between 15-30 days of deployment. (1-8) Initial NAF Resale
Resale expanded to include morale items like sodas, candy, magazines about day 30 of a deployment. (1-8) Expanded NAF Resale
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