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Communications systems

What term is normally used for microwave transmitter input signal? Baseband Signal
In a microwave transmitter, the linearize couples a portion of the output power back to the klystron. This allows for modulation densities as high as 1200 channels and compensates for what klystron deficiency? Nonlinearity
During UHF secure voice transmission, the operator uses a secure voice remote phone unit. What is the common term for this unit? RPU
In a typical microwave receiver, what is the standard intermediate frequency? 70 MHZ
Which of the following methods are usually used for microwave communications? Los and troposcatter
By which of the following methods can you increase the maximum number of intelligible signals transmitted on a single path? Multiplexing
Which of the following communications methods involves subdividing a channel into smaller segments of equal size and placing a signal in each subchannel? FDM
Which of the following requirements does SAS satisfy? All of the above
How many crypto and plain subsystems are used within SAS? Five
One mode of teletypewriter operation is the synchronous mode. What other mode is used for basic teletypewriter operation? Asynchronous
What is the name of the fiveunit code that includes mark and space signals and is used in teletypewriter operation? Baudot
Which of the following problems is reduced by not using start and stop signals in the synchronous teletypewriter mode? Distorted signal
Which of the following terms accually pertains only to modulation rate? Baud
In neutral tty operation, current flow and no current flow represent the mark and space conditions. In polar tty operation what is the condition of the line current? It is always present
What device is used to change tty dc pulses into mark and space signals to modulate the transmitter carrier wave? Keyer
After the tty signal is received, what device(s) must be used to change the signal back to dc pulses? Both 1 and 2
The Navy’s two basic RATT systems are AFTS and RFCS. What is the RFCS system commonly called? FSK
What device provides looping current for the tty? A solid state pwoer supply
What is/are used to interconnect all the tty equipment in any configuration needed? TTY panel
Which of the following methods is/are used to reduce fading and interference in long-range communications? Both 1 and 2
What type of frequency diversity is used for multichannel broadcasts? Tone
During unpatching, pulling which plug from its tty panel jack first will produce a dangerous dc voltage on the exposed plug? Set
How many rotary switch positions will you find on a remote transmitter control unit? Three
In AFTS, to what does the term “half-duplex” refer? All of the above
Which of the following methods should you use to transmit printed text? Facsimile
In which of the following publications can you find information on TEMPEST requirements? MIL-STD-1680
What is the designator of any conductor intended to carry classified plain language terminating in RED equipment or the RED side of crypto equipment? Primary Red
Of the following radios, which is popularly known as the “Gibson girl”? AN/CRT-3A
Which of the following radios provides homing and two-way voice communications between liferafts and searching ships? AN/PRC-96
Which of the following radios is particularly useful during tactical black-out operations? AN/PRC-104
Which of the following radios has frequency hopping capability? AN/PRC-117
The use of frequency hopping has certain advantages. One advantage is that the signal is difficult to detect. How is this accomplished? No single carrier is used
One important feature of the AN/PSC-3 uhf radio is that it can interface directly with vhf radios. What is the purpose of this interface? To provide a satellite link for vhf radios
DMDG messages are sent at 300 or 1200 baud in the satellite mode and 266.6 baud when connected to AN/PRC-70/74.Which of the following is the device used to type and read these messages? KY-879/P
What system was specifically designed to provide solutions to equipment planning by automatically determining the best system that each participant in a communications link should use? CLIPS
Of the two terms listed below, which one refers to reflection of radio signals back to earth by a satellite? Passive
Which term refers to reception and retransmission? Active
Which of the following terms refers to transmissions received from a satellite? Downlink
SATCOM links are only slightly affected by what phenomena associated with hf propagation difficulties? Atmospheric
Trained crews can set up what type of satellite earth terminals within hours to establish communications in remote areas? Mobile
Of the following factors, which, if any, limit the use of a satellite communications system? Both 1 and 2
What purpose does CUDIXS/NAVMACS serve? Provides a communications network for transmitting general-service message traffic between ships and shore installations
How many NCTAMS have primary responsibility for communications via satellite? 4
Subsystems consist of two parts. What are they? Baseband equipment; rf terminal
In modes 1 through 6, what are the uplink and downlink frequency bands used in Fleet Satellite Broadcast? Shf; uhf
What system do subscribers use to receive Fleet Satellite Broadcast? AN/SSR-1
What is the minimum number of broadcast channels that NAVMACS guards automatically? 4
What is the bandwidth (in kHz) of the satellite channels allocated to CUDIXS/NAVMACS? 25
What term is associated with a submarine commander’s ability to receive messages via satellite at scheduled intervals? Group broadcasts
Secure voice uses digitized voice with a 3-kHz voice channel. What type of voice modulation does this describe? Narrowband
When using Secure Voice, a ship must contact what authority before initiating communications with a shore command? Voice controller
Which of the following is a subsystem specifically designed for special intelligence communications? TACINTEL
TADIXS-equipped surface ships and submarines operate in what mode(s)? Receive only
What subsystem is used in conjunction with TADIXS to transmit OTH-T data from the fleet to other ships and shore commands? OTCIXS
Because the reception of TADIXS information by a ship does not require an acknowledgement, the ship can l operate in what type of environment and still receive message traffic? Emission control
What system was developed to multiplex several users on one 25-kHz satellite channel? DAMA
What term is used to describe how the Demand Assigned Multiple Access data stream is formatted? Frame
In the DAMA multiplexed data stream, which slot is used to test for communications error? Link
What are all DAMA multiplexer transmit times referenced to? The satellite
Which of the following equipments is used as the DAMA multiplexer? TD-1271B/U
Who performs day-to-day control and operation of naval satellite communications assets? Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command
Of the 23 uhf communications channels each FLTSATCOM satellite has, how many one dedicated to Navy use? 10
How many FLTSATCOM satellites have ehf packages installed? 2
LEASAT satellites have fewer 25-kHz channels than FLTSATs. What ground-based system do they use to maintain communications efficiency? DAMA
What is the replacement satellite for GAPFILLER, FLTSATCOM, and LEASAT? UHF F/O
The AN/FSC-79 satellite communications terminal transmits on what band? Shf
Which of the following is another term used to describe the shf communications band? X-band
The AN/WSC-5(V) uhf transceiver is capable of using differentially encoded phaseshift- keying and what other type of modulation? FM
Which of the following radios is the primary shipboard los and satellite transceiver? AN/WSC-3
The AN/WSC-3 transceiver has two rf output levels. One of these is 30 watts. What is the other rf output level? 100 Watts
What shipboard system is used to receive Fleet Satellite Broadcast? AN/SSR-1
Which of the following is a spread spectrum type modem and is used with the AN/FSC-79 satellite communications terminal? OM-51A/FR
Of the two processors listed below, which one is used in the TADIXS subsystem? AN/UYK-44(V)
The AN/USQ-69(V) data terminal set is currently used with what two subsystems? TACINTEL/NAVMACS
Audio digital converter CV-3333/U is used primarily as an analog-to-digital converter for what type of communications? Secure voice
Where are the system interface connectors installed on the Electrical Equipment Rack CY-7597/WSC-3? On the top panel
DAMA-equipped shore installations use the OK- 481(V)2/FSC Control Monitor Group to interface TD-1271B/Us, AN/WSC-5(V)s, and baseband equipment. It can accommodate up to how many TD-1271B/Us? 14
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