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Reproductive System

Chapter 11

gonad/o Genitals or reproduction
Ovum Egg
uter/o hyster/o Uterus
metr/o metr/i Measurement or uterine tissue
ovar/o oophor/o Ovary
Salping/o Uterine Tube
vulv/o Vulva
Vagina External female genitalia
-cidal Killing
men/o Month
-plasia Developement or formation (tissues/cells usually)
cyst/o vesic/o bladder
Ovaries _______&________ eggs matures & releases
my/o muscle
The Fimbriae sweep ______ into the ________ _______ Eggs, Fallopian tubes
Pap Smear -Collects cells from the cervix -Tests for Cervical cancer
Colposcopy Visual Examination of the vagina
Laparoscopy Visual examination of the pelvic cavity and the reproductive organs
Hysteroscopy -Used to diagnose the cause of infertility -Direct examination of the cervical canal and uterine cavity. -Performed to examine the endometrium to obtain a specimen for biopsy.
Cervical Polyp Precancerous growth on the cervix
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) Result of chronic infection -scarring, inflammation, low infertility, abdominal pain, abnormal menstrual cycle.
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) hormone levels increase -moody, cramping, bloating, etc...
Uterine Cancer abnormal bleeding, pain
Cele Hernia
Contraception Birth control
spermicide kills the sperm
intrauterine device (IUD) Implant that releases hormones to prevent pregnancy
in vitro fertilization (IVF) Eggs from women collects & Sperm from male collected. =Test tube baby
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) For female with low or abnormal hormone levels
conization of the cervix Excision (removal) of a cone shape area to remove cancerous or abnormal cells
Dilation and curettage (D&C) Opens the cervix with vaginal speculum and scrapes the endometrium
Endometrial ablation Hot fluids used to burn/ destroy the endometrium -this procedure is done to fix abnormal bleeding
amni/o amnion, amniotic fluid
fet/o fetus
nat/i birth
ectopic pregnancy Pregnancy outside the uterus (In the fallopian tubes)
labor Uterus is preparing for delivery at birth
par/o to bear offspring
parturition Childbirth
antepartum before childbirth
postpartum after child birth
gestation conception to term (birth)
Trimester Each trimester has 3 months -3 trimesters -9 months -280 days
para 1, 11 Number of pregnancies resulting in live births
-para a woman who has given birth
primigravida First pregnancy
gravida 1 Twins
-centesis removal of fluid with a needle
Abruptio placentae placentaa is first, pulls away from uterus
chorionic villus sampling Part of placenta removed for examination
Placenta previa Placenta is below the fetus blocking the fetus from delivery
amniotomy breaking females water -cut into the amniotic sac
episiotomy surgical cut of the skin between vagina and rectum -during childbirth usually
-ptosis to sag or droop
mammogram picture of breast -looking for areas of white, thicker areas in picture -test for cancerous
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