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Mid Term cards

AP Euro Flashcards

Wrote Gargantua and Pantagrul Rabulais
Wrote Don Quixote Cervantes
Napoleon exiled to these two places Elba and St. Helena
The revival of learning classical Greek art and literature Humanism
Battle of Napoleon's ships vs. Lord Nelson Trafalgar
Artist painted Ghent Altarpiece Van Eyck
Man executed during the Reign of Henry 8 for not allowing his marriage to be annulled More
Wrote the Handbook of Common Prayer Cranmer
This was the largest target of Catherine and Peter the Great Warm water ports
Gustavus Adolphus was the leader of this country during the 30 Years war Sweden
This pre-Luther Heretic was executed for his beliefs Jan Hus
Putting your family on the throne nepotism
Giving your oldest child all the land Primoogeniture
Scientist who first thought the earth rotated around the sun Copernicus
Scientist based in Italy that was told to be quiet by the church Galileo
The name of leaders that were advised and influenced by humanists and humanist works Enlightened despot
Treaty that ended war of Spanish Succession and gave Britain the asiento privilage Utrecht
Name of French minister of finance under Louis 14 that advocated the use of mercantilism Colbert
Poland's name when under the control of Napoleon 1 Grand Duchy of Warsaw
This act made the king or queen of England the head of the Anglican church Supremacy act
The movement that stresses human experience and emotions over empiricism Romanticism
The document that stated Maria Theresa will be the heir to the Austrian empire Pragmatic Sanction
This is a vote directly by the people and was used by Napoleon to be crowned emperor for life Plebiscite
Founder of Methodism Wesley
Founder of Jesuit order St. Ignatius of Loyola
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