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Holocaust Unit Vocab


Propaganda Joseph Goebbles - propaganda minister Persuasive Advertising.
Prejudice Prejudgment formed on a group of people without knowing them.
Discrimination An acting of prejudice
Racism Believing your race is dominant over another.
Anti-Semitism Hatred of Jewish People
Sterotype Simplified generalization of a group of people.
Scapegoat Someone/Something you put blame on.
Dehumanization Taking away someones human qualities.
Aryan Pure German master race (Blonde hair, Blue eyes)
Monotheism Belief in one god.
Polytheism Belief in many gods. (Romans, greeks)
Nuremberg Laws 1935. Six laws: ~ Non Jews may not marry Jewish People. ~Jewish people cannot fly the Nazi or German Flag ~ Jewish people can not vote or hold public office ~ Jewish people may not be in the armed services ~ Jewish people are not citizens
Kristallnacht Night of broken glass - November 9, 1938. Destroyed Jewish business and synagogues
Ghetto Segregated part of town; walled off section of the city. (Lodz, Warsaw, Krakow)
Euthanasia Giving consent to kill someone. Example: T4 - lasted 10 years. Tested ways to massacre people.
Concentration Camp Forced work to the death camps. (Dachau)
Death Camp (Killing Center) 1942. Wannasee conference - final solution - kill all the Jewish people. (Auschwitz, Sobibor)
Selection Selected to work or die while being placed into camps.
Death March Very end of war. Kills off as many Jewish people as possible by marching until you die.
Bystander Someone who is standing around watching.
Resistance Physical: Shooting Nazis, revolting. Emotional: Praying, Marriage, Holidays
Liberation May 8th, 1945 - open up all camps, forming D-P camps (Displace persons)
EinSATZGRUPPEN Hitlers mobile killing squad
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