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Hearing Eval.

The Evaluation of Hearing

Hard of hearing vs. Deaf children born ? * Most kids that are born deaf, are actually HARD of HEARING, not deaf
Tmt and best time to Dx ? * When Dx and treated before 6 mths old, language deficits are way less
Some hearing impacts ? * If you have a defect, 37% will repeat a grade level
Assesses middle ear status * Tympanometry
Looks for a present or absent reflex of Stapedius muscle contracting ? * Acoustic Reflex.....* May be absent in acoustic neuroma and otosclerosis
Not a test for hearing, but tells us if the hair cells are working, and used to see OTOTOXICITY ? * Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)
NOT a test of perceptual hearing- provides sensitivity information at level of the brainstem ? * Auditory Brainstem Response Audiometry (ABR)... * good for hearing aid fittings
Arises from problem in outer or middle ear that reduces sound conducting ability = ? * Conductive Hearing Loss... * wax, swimmers ear, fluid, etc can cause this
Caused by problems in the cochlea (sensory) or auditory nerve (neural) = ? * Sensorineural Hearing Loss..... * from aging, loud noises, and usu say "I can hear you, but can't understand you"
Sudden loss of hearing in one ear = ? * Sudden Sensorineural Loss... * Is a medical emergency and need to go to an ENT quick
ENT Referrals are needed when ? * Sudden hearing loss, asymmetrical hearing loss only in one ear, recurrent infections in ear (over 4) in a year, any symptoms that persist
Delayed Onset Hearing Loss at risk kids = ? * Premature and low birth weight babies, intrauterine CMV infection, and babies who spend more than 5 days in the NICU
Created by: thamrick800