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Block VI, Unit 7

Unit Readiness

What provides training for PERSCO team members and IPR members? (7-2) Personnel HSRT
Who is required to complete the formal DCAPES Wing-level Users course? (7-2) Only 3S0X1 personnel assigned to PERSCO UTC positions coded with SEI 295 (DCAPES Operator)
Who are included in Tier 1 and Tier 2 HSRT Requirements? (7-3) Tier 1 - Lts, 3-5 lvls and cross trainees Tier 2 - Capts, 7 lvls and above
Force Support Combat Training (FSCT) is conducted in: (7-3) One of three main Silver Flag Exercise Site locations with one alternate location.
What additional training do Force Support students received during FSCT? (7-3) contigency food service, lodging, fitness and recreation, and mortuary affairs while under simulated wartime conditions
What does the primary mission DOC statement reflect? (7-4) Reflect a unit's full wartime mission set.
How many types of DOC statements are found on AF Form 723? (7-4) Three
How often must DOC statements be reviewed? (7-6) Annually by the MAJCOM staff and measured unit commander
What two types of UTC assessments do commanders conduct in ART? (7-6) Readiness Assessments and Tasking Assessments
Which stoplight assessment is shown in ART when all MEFPAK MANFOR, LOGDET, and training for the UTC are available for deployment within 72 hrs? (7-6) Green - Go
What does the ART stoplight assessment of Yellow indicate? (7-7) Caution - missing or deficient capability that does not prevent the UTC from being tasked and accomplishing its mission
Which ART stoplight assessment indicates missing or deficient capability that prevents the UTC from being tasked or accomplishing its mission? (7-7) Red -No Go
Define a C-1 readiness level. (7-8) Unit possesses the required resources & training to undertake the FULL WARTIME MISSION.
Define a C-2 readiness level. (7-8) Unit possesses te required resources and training to undertake MOST OF THE WARTIME MISSION.
What encapsulates the Core METL? (7-10) Consists of the fundamental capabilities for which a unit was organized & designed. All units will assess a Core METL.
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