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AWAT Mar 10, 14

The SmQs assigned to each person will determine... the ability to perform a specific function in NALCOMIS. A user will be given as many SMQs as he/she is authorized.
Initiate Work order: When a discrepancy is found on an aircraft it is necessary to... initiate a WORK ORDER or VIDS/MAF
After the work order is initiated, maintenance control will... approve the work which assigns a job control # (JCN), and assigns the work order to a work center
The work center supervisor will assign a worker and place the work order (HOLD) page on ICRL
The VIDS/MAF COPNAV Form 4790/60 is used to... document maintenance actions and to display those actions on a MDS board
VIDS/MAF is a... 5 part form used to document scheduled/unsched. maintenance actions performed on an aircraft equipment
Several relationships exist between the VIDS/MAF and the NALCOMIS work worder. The VIDS/MAF is the predecessor to the NALCOMIS work order and is used in situations where NALCOMIS is not available.
The Work Unit Code (WUC) consists of... 3,5,7 alphanumeric characters that identifies the system or the sub system being worked upon
Purpose of VIDS/MAF as it applies to NALCOIMIS The VIDS/MAF serves the same purpose in NALCOMIS as it does when used w/ the VIDS board. The only difference is when it is used with NALCOMIS it is automated.
Special Programs of the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP): provides an integratd system for performing... aeronautical equipment maintenance and related support functions
The objective of the NAMP is to... meet and exceed aviation readiness and safety standards. The methodology for meeting the objective is "continuous process improvement."
The responbsibility for the NAMP is... delegated to COMNAVAIRFOR
NAMP publication provides for the... collection, analysis, and use of pertinent data to continuously improve material readiness and safety at the least possible cost.
Information on other maintenance programs can be found in the current revision of the NAMP COMNAVAIRFORINST 4790.2 (series)
Primary causes of FOD: most causes of FOD can be attributed to the following... Poor housekeeping, Facility deterioration, Improper maintenance practices, carelessness
The purpose of the FOD prevention program is to: Prevent foreign obj damage to equip, eliminate injury/death to person, reduce costly & consuming repairs, increase operational readiness and combat effectiveness
Most common FOD prevention methods include... Regularly scheduled FOD walkdowns
Prevention of FOD is the responsibility of... all HANDS, from airman recruit to the commanding officer
The Quality Assurance division monitors the FOD prevention program through... work center audits and inspections
Reporting FOD Hazards All FOD hazards cases should be reported to the maintenance control/production control and the FOD Prevention Program Manager via the work center supervisor
FOD Hazards (list them): Concrete chipping, surface deterioration, spilled liquids, missing hardware and tools
Tool Control program: Primary obj. of tool control program (TCP) is to improve flight safety
The Tool Control Program also: Accounts for all tools and equipment. Prevents tools frm being left in an aircraft or in support equipment
Tool Control Progrm Benefits: Primary objectives of TCP are enhancement of... safety by elim. mishaps and equip damage attributed to uncontrolled tools and minimizing tool replacement costs.
Tool Program Concept is instant... invertion? each tool silhouetted. When tool is remolved, an outline or "silhouette" remains representing the missing tool
The inventory shall be supervised by the Work Center Supervisor: Before and after each shift change, When a work stoppage occurs, After each maintenance action
Failure to collect all tools from aircraft or support equipment can cause... damage, total destruction, and/or loss of life
Each tool box must have an identification # and each tool must be etched with the: organization code, work center code, tool box number
T9H-120-01 Explain the identification # organization code, work center code, tool box number
Fuel Surveillance Program: Purpose of the program is to... protect the aircraft fuel systems from WATER and FOREIGN CONTAMINANTS which constitute a hazard in naval aircraft equip.
Tire & Wheels maintenance safety program required to handle... tires and wheels with the same care as that given to live ordnance
Hydraulic Contamination Control Program: The prime objective is to... achieve and maintain a satisfactory level of FLUID PURITY in HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS
Mishaps do not "just happen" they are all caused by... some aspect of HUMAN FAILURE
The Naval Aviation Safety Prgm: Objective is to establish... an effective, AGGRESSIVE and CONTINUOUS ACCIDENT PREVENTION program
The Safety Petty Officer/Safety NCO will ensure tht personnel are instructed in all safety matters and are familiar with safety instructions. He/she will be a central pt. for all safety related matters in a work centerd
Mishaps can result from an improper level of... supervision or a FAILURE to require personnel to MEET personnel qualification standards. They can result from a lack of both formal/informal training
Emergency Safety Equipment First aid kit, Fire Extinguisher, Eyewash stations, Hook, Cane, or Strap, Rubber Mats, Shorting Bars
Shorting bars are used to... discharge all voltages from de-energized equipment
Hook, cane, or strap used to... remove someone who is being shocked from a power source
Categories of PPE: PPE is classified into the following categories... Eye/Face, Respiratory, Hearing, Hand/Arm, Body, Foot, Head
Safety glasses do not provide... protection from dusts, chemical splashes, or vapors
Ventilated goggles are required for... operations resulting in small flying particles & dusts. Ventilated goggles should be used in conjunction w/ a FACE SHEILD
Splash goggles do not... provide face protection
Face Shield when used in conjunction w/ splash goggles... provide max protection from liquid chem splashing
Respirators- air purifying resp. removes air contaminants by filter/absorbing, adsorbing or chem reacting w/ the contaminants as they pass thru the respirator canister or cartridge
personnel shall only use this respirator... where adequate oxygen is available
Synthetic (Latex) Rubber Gloves WARNING: Synthetic rubber gloves do not... provide protection for Acids, alkaline, organic solvents, or toxins, sharp/rough surfaces, cuts
NOTE: Allow gloves to... slip off hands, being careful not to touch any chem or materials on outside of gloves
Natural Rubber gloves: required when... handling acids, alkaline, organic solvents, and toxins.
WARNING: Natural rubber gloves do NOT provide... protection against cuts, sharp/rough surfaces.
General Purpose Gloves- required when handling rough surfaces or items that pose a cut hazard
WARNING: General Purpose Gloves do NOT provide... protection for hazards such as chemicals, solvents, liquids. May pose a pitch "entanglement" hazard when operating machinery or working moving parts
Body Protection: Apron- Required when... handle chemicals that pose a splash hazard
WARNING: Apron does NOT provide... protection for welding operations
Foot Protection: Safety boots required wear in... any area designated "foot hazard"
WARNING: Safety boots do NOT provide... protection when hazardous chemicals used
Head Protection: Do not store... heavy materials on top of composite material hard hats
Do not wear hard hats if... Cracked, has Hole (other than created by manufacturer) or if it is Painted
Do not drill holes in hard hats or... modify in any way. Such action reduces protective capability of head wear
Cryogenics: LOX stands for Liquid Oxygen, used in liq-fuel rocket motors and for aircrew's breathing oxygen
Liquid nitrogen is used for... cooling in sidewinder missiles and some infrared systems
WARNING: LOX is extremely dangerous; therefore... applicable safety precautions must be strictly observed.
LOX is non-toxin but will... freeze (burn) the skin severely upon contact
Extreme caution should be taken to avoid touching equipment containing LOX w/o protective gloves... w/o gloves... skin will immediately adhere to metal containers of LOX
a Great Danger is the combustion supporting potential of LOX... as oxygen supported fires is... virtually impossible to extinguish until supply of oxygen is cut off or exhausted.
Basic Electrical Theory: The fundamental forces that control all elect. circ. are: Voltage, Current, Resistance
Voltage is... Force that pushes the current thru elect. circ.
Current is... Rate of flow of electricity
Resistance is... Opposition to flow of electricity
Use proper tag-out procedures for... regular and preventive maintenance
Corrective maintenance: When you are working on equipment that must have its power secured, and there is a chance someone else could inadvertently reapply power while you are still working on it
WARNING: When you are operating equipment that could endanger someone's life. This could apply to... both mechanical and electrical FAULTS
Commanding officers are responsible for... well-being of their ppl and the operational readiness of their equipment
EMI (Electromagnetic interference) triangle has been developed to help... illustrate the conditions necessary to create EMI
Electromagnetic interference triangle: Interference Source Sensitive Victim Coupling Path
Electrostatic discharge is the... discharge of electrical currents resulting from static electricity build up
Preventing EMI: A filter is... a network or 1+ elect. components designed to offer comparatively little opposition to certain frequencies
Created by: Blingbling6872
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