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Roy Linder

medical terminololgy med104

-al (suffix) pertaining to
-itis (suffix) inflammation
-osis (suffix) abnormal condition
-um (suffix) structure
-algia (suffix) pain
a- (prefix) no, not without
neo- (prefix) new
inter- (prefix) through
sub- (prefix) under, below
arthr- (word root) joint
gastr (word root) stomach
-tomy (suffix) process of cutting
opthalmo (word root) eye
-scope (instrument for visual examination)
oto (word root) ear
-logy (suffix) process of study
rhino (word root)nose
-plasy (suffix) surgical repair
esophago (word root) esophaqus
duodeno (word root) duodenum
hypo- (prefix) below; under; less than normal
derm (word root) skin
cervic (word root) neck
neo- (prefix) new
nati (word root) birth
intra- (prefix) within; into
musculo (word root) muscle
-ar (suffix) pertaining to
colo (word root) colon
patho (word root) disease
osteo (word root) bone
peri- (prefix)surrounding; around
-um (suffix) structure; tissue; thing
hyper- (prefix) above; excessive
anti- (prefix) against
-ectomy (suffix) removal; excision; resection
-rrhage (suffix) bursting fourth
-rrhea (prefix) flow discharge
per- (prefix) through
-ai (suffix) condition
-ist (specialist)
inter- (prefix) between
ante- (prefix)before; forward
-stomy (suffix) new opening
-rrahaphy (suffix) suture
-rrhexis (suffix) rupture
anter/o, antero (combining form) front
poster/o, postero (combining form) back
thorac/o, thoraco (combining form) chest
ot/o, oto (combining form) ear
later/o, latero (combining form) side
lapar/o, laparo (combining form) abdomen
lumb/o, lumbo (combining form) lower back
cervic/o, cervico (combining form) neck
cyto/o, ctyo (combining form) cell
hist/o, histo (combining form) tissue
end/o, endo (combining form) in; within
bi- (prefix) two
-opsy (suffix) view of
ipsi- (prefix) same
later (word root) side
abdomi (word root) abdomen
pelv (word root) pelvis; hip region
mamm (word root) breast
-ary (suffix) pertaining to
-or (suffix) one who
super (word root) above; beyond
uni- (prefix) one
vertebro (word root) vertebra(backbone)
contra- (prefix) against; opposite
intra- (prefix) into; within
crani/o, cranio (combining form) skull
epi- (prefix) above; upon; on
phren/o, phereno (combining form) diaphragm; mind
lumen/o, lumeno (combining form) light
faci/o, facio (combining form) face
bucc/o, bucco (combining form) cheek
ment/o, mento (combining form) chin
cox/o, coxo (combining form) hip
crur/o, cruro (combining form) leg
brachi/o (combining form) arm
dors/o, dorso (combining form) back
glute/o, gluteo (combining form) buttocks
sur/o, suro (combining form) calf
olecran/o, olecrano (combining form) elbow
tars/o, tarso (combining form) ankle
myel/o, myelo (combining form) spinal cord; bone marrow
bio (word root) life; living
antro (word root) antrum
ileo (word root) part of the small intestines
ilio (word root) hip
cysto (word root) cyst; bladder
arthr/o, arthro (combining form) joint
dactyl/o, dactylo (combining form) finger; toe
chondr/o, chondro (combining form) cartilage
plant/o, planto (combining form) sole of the foot
oste/o, osteo (combining form) bone
myl/o, myo (combining form) muscle
humer/o, humero (combining form) upper arm bone
syndesm/o, syndesmo (combining form) ligament
oclecran/o, olecrano (combining form) elbow
fibr/o, fibro (combining form) fiber
por/o, poro (combining form) opening, passageway
spin/o spino (combining form) spine
tympan/o, tympano (combining form) tympanic membrane(ear drum); inner ear
-clasis (suffix) to break
-desis (suffix) to bind, tie together
-dynia (suffix) pain
-malacia (suffix) softening
-megaly (suffix) enlargement
-y (suffix) condition; process
syn- (prefix) together; with
poly- (prefix) many; much
electr (word root) electricity
spondyl (word root) vertebra(backbone)
-listhesis (suffix) condition of stones
-centsis (suffix) surgical puncture to remove fluid
stern (word root) sternum(breast bone)
lord (word root) curve, sway back
an- (prefix) pertaining to
par- (prefix) other than; abnormal
dermat/o, dermato (combining form) skin
escha/o, escharo (combining form) scab
hidr/o, hidro (combining form) sweat
lip/o, lipo (combining form) fat; lipid
myc/o, myco (combining form) fungus
onych/o, oncho (combining form) nail(of finger or toes)
pedicul/o, pediculo (combining form) louse
rhytid/o, rhytido (combining form) wrinkle
seb/o, sebo (combining form) sebum
trich/o, tricho (combining form) hair
ungu/o, unguo (combining form) nail
squam/o, squamo (combining form) scaly
follicul/o, folliculo (combining form) follicle
pil/o,pilo (combining form) hail
sudor/i, sudori (combining form) sweat
kerat/o, kerato (combining form) hard; horny
melan/o, melano (combining form) black
derm/o, dermo (combining form) skin
adip/o, adipo (combining form) fat
sebac/o, sebaco (combining form) sebum; oil
otalgia (word of the day) ear pain
en- (prefix) in; within
hamat/o, hemato (combining form) blood
nephr/o, nephro (combining form) kidney
pyel/o, pyelo (combining form) renal pelvis
tom/o, tomo (combining form) to cut
ur/o, uro (combining form) urine; urinary tract
ureter/o, uretero (combining form) ureter
vesic/o, vesico (combining form) urinary bladder
-cele (suffix) hernia
-uria (suffix) urination; condition of urine
-esis (suffix) action; condition state of
or/o, oro (combining form) mouth
proct/o, procto (combining form) anus & rectum
sial/o, sialo (combining form) saliva
lip/o, lipo (combining form) fat
pharyng/o, pharyngo (combining form) throat
hepat/o, hepato (combining form) liver
odont/o, odonto (combining form) teeth
gloss/o, glosso (combining form) tongue
chol/e, chole (combining form) bile
enter/o, entero (combining form) small intestine
cholangi/o, cholangio (combining form) bile
gingiv/o, gingivo (combining form) gum
py/o, pyo (combining form) pus
-chalasia (suffix) relaxation
dysuria (pathology) painful urination
CKD (pathology) long-term kidney failure
diuresis (pathology) condition of increased urine formation
nephritis (pathology) inflammation of the kidney
edema (pathology) accumulation of fluid in the tissues
renal colic (pathology) severe pain associated with stones lodged in the ureter
vesicoureteral reflux (pathology) backflow of urine in the bladder to the ureter
incontinence (pathology) inability to hold urine
nocturia (pathology) excessive urination at night
urolithiasis (pathology) stones in the urinary tract
nephroptosis (pathology) prolapse of the kidney
urgency (pathology) sensation of needing to urinate immediately
diabetes insipidus (pathology) deficiency of ADH
cyctocele (pathology) herniation of the urinary bladder
retention (pathology) inability to release urine
orchid/o, orchido (combining forms) testicle
-genesis (suffix) producing forming
crypt- (prefix) hidden
semin/I, semini (combining)semen; seed
scrot/o, scroto (combining)scrotum
phall/o, phallo (combining) penis
balan/o, balano (combining forms) glans penis
andr/o, andro (combining form) male
vesicle/o, vesiculo (combining form) seminal
vas/o, vaso (combining form) ductus deferens
circum- (prefix) around
trans- (prefix) across, through
epididyn/o epididyno (combining form) epididymis
gynec/o, gyneco (combining form) woman; female
mast/o, masto (combining form) breast
olig/o, oligo (combining form) scanty
orch/o, orcho (combining form) testis
orchid/o, orchido (combining form) testis
prostat/o, prostato (combining form) prostate gland
son/o, sono (combining form) sound
sperm/o, spermo (combining form) spermatozoa, sperm cells
urethr/o, urethro (combining form) urethra
vas/o, vadso (combining form) vessel, duct, vas deferens
vesicul/o, vesiculo (combining form) seminal vesicle
salping/o, salpingo (combining form) fallopian tube
menl/o, meno (combining form) menses, menstruation
thel/e, thele (combining form) nipple
ov/o, ovo (combining form) egg
colp/o, colpo (combining corm) vagina
gravid/o, gravido (combining form) pregnancy
-partum (suffix) birth, labor
acro- (prefix) extremities, top, extreme point
ec- (prefix) out, outside
culd/o, culdo (combining form) cul-de-sac
top/p, topo (combining form) place, position, location
axill/o, axillo (combining form) airpit
hemat/o, hemato (combining form) blood
myel/o, myelo (combining form) bone marrow
lymphaden/o, lymphadeno (combining form) lymph gland(node)
leuk/o, leuko (combining form) white
-poiesis (suffix) formation
-thrombin (suffix) clotting substance
erythr/o, erythro (combining form) red
-siderin (suffix) iron substance
auto- (prefix) self, own
pan- (prefix) all
trans- (prefix) across, through
adenoid/o, adenoido (combining form) adenoids
inguin/o, inquino (combining form) groin
log/o, logo (combining form) study
lymph/o, lympho (combining form) lymph
lymphaden/o, lypmhadeno (combining form) limph gland (node)
lymphangi/o, lympphangio (combining form) lymph vessel
plas/o, plaso (combining form) development, formation
splen/o, spleno (combining form) spleen
thromb/o, thrombo (combining form) clot
-emia (suffix) blood condition
-fusion (suffix) to pour, to come together
-gram (suffix) record
-ism (suffix) process, condition
-ous (suffix) pertaining to
-penia (suffix) deficiency
-plasia (suffix) development, formation
-tic (suffix) pertaining to
cordi/o, cardio (combining form) heart
phleb/o, phlebo (combining form) vein
angi/o, angio (combining form) vessel
capn/o, capno (combining form) carbon dioxide
-cardia (suffix) heart condition
pneum/o, pneumo (combining form) lung
apic/o, apico (combining form) apex
brady- (prefix) slow
hemangi/o, hemangio (combining form) blood vessel
tachy- (prefix) fast, rapid
extra- (prefix) outside
corpo/0, corporo (combining form) body
cutane/o, cutaneo (combining form) skin
endiocardi/o, endocardio (combining form) in the heart
myocadi/o, myocardio (combining form) muscle of the heart
pericardi/o, pericardio (combining form) around the heart
scler/o, sclero (combining form) sclera (white of the eye)
valvul/o, valvulo (combining form) valve
-therapy (suffix) treatment
or/o, oro (combining form) mouth
spir/o, spiro (combining form) to breathe
phren/o, phreno (combining form) diaphragm, mind
laryng/o, laryngo (combining form) larynx (windpipe, voice box)
rhin/o, rhino (combining form) nose
pector/o, pectoro (combining form) chest
ex- (prefix) out
in- (prefix) in, into, not
aer/o, aero (combining form) air
salping/o, salpingo (combining form) fallopian tube, eustachian
bronchiol/o, bronchiolo (combining form) bronchiole
cost/o, costo (combining form) rib
myc/o, myco (combining form) fungus
sinus/o, sinuso (combining form) sinus
somat/o, somato (combining form) body
myel/o, myelo (combining form) spinal cord, bone marrow
encephala/o, encephalo (combining form) brain
-cyte (suffix) cell
neur/o, neuro (combining form) nerve
radicul/o, radiculo (combining form) nerve root
cerebell/o, cerebello (combining form) cerebellum
cerebr/o, cerebro (combining form) cerebrum
cortic/o, cortico (combining form) cortex
-glia (suffix) glue
hemi- (prefix) half
mono- (prefix) one, single
poly- (suffix) many, much
crani/o, cranio (suffix) skull
kines/o, kineso (combining form) movement
somn/o, somno (combining form) sleep
troph/o, tropho (combining form) nourishment, development
-lysis (combining form) breakdown, separation, destruction, loosening
-paresis (weakness)
-plegia (suffix) paralysis, palsy
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