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Dialysis M3

Exam 6

What is Hemolysis? Acute destruction of RBC's which lead to acute onset of anemia.
Dialysate causes of Hemolysis include: Conductivity, metals, overheated dialysate, blood transfusion reaction.
Non-dialysate causes of Hemolysis include: hypotonic solution, occlusion of blood pump rollers, kinks in blood tubing post blood pump, arterial pressure > -250 mmHg
Symptoms of Hemolysis? HA, ABD pain, hypotension, Dyspnea, dysrhythmias, clear or cherry red or burgundy colored blood, pink tinged serum, drop in HCT, hyperkalemia, seizures and cardiac arrest
Management of Hemolysis include: 1. STOP BLOOD PUMP, 2. DO NOT RETURN BLOOD, 3. VS/LABS, 4. CALL MD, 5. TREAT CONDITIONS.
What can cause an AIR EMBOLISM? Air leakage, Needle dislodgment, disconnection, connections, IV bag, low levels in drip chambers.
Major sign/ symptom of Air Embolism? ℅ Rushing of air, CP, dyspnea
TX of Air Embolism include: 1. STOP BLOOD PUMP, 2. Clamp venous line, 3. LF side trendelenburg, 4. O2, 5. Call MD
Prevention of Air Embolism include: Always use air/foam detection, double clamp side arm, inspect/secure lines, rinse with NS only.
Causes of Seizures are? Hypotension, DDS, improperly prepared dialysate, electrolyte imbalances, low BS, hypoxemia
TX of Seizures? Open airway, do not restrict, Treat cause.
Prevention of Seizures? Use osmotic agents to proven large shifts of fluid, avoid rapid drops in BUN, proper bath
Treatment/Prevention of muscle cramps include? Infusion of NS, hypertonic saline or Dextrose 50%, reduce UF, correct dialysate modeling,
Most common cause of NV? What is Hypotension?
Treatment/Prevention of Hypotension? What is administer .9 NS in 100-200 increments
Symptoms occur toward end of RX or within 8-12 hours post-dialysis. What is DSS (Dialysis Disequilibrium)
Symptoms of DSS may include: Restless, HA, HTN, widening pulse pressure, NV
Treatment of DSS? Short, frequent dialysis sessions, use less efficient dialyzer or low bfr, mannitol.
DSS HA TX? what is Hypertonic saline or D50
DSS NV TX what is Antiemetic's (compazine)
DSS HTN TX what is Rapid acting acting antiHTN
Seizure TX what is valium, anticonvulsants
For 1st dialysis tx you will need? Patients signed consent, nursing assessment, data base, med sheet and 12 lead EKG
A clotted dialyzer is caused by? Improper heparin, malfunctioning heparin pump, and poor blood flow
Air leaks are caused by? Empty NS bag
The lines will jump when? the lines are clotting
_____ dones not cross the placenta Heparin
Emergency response follow up? Patient care, emotional support, necessary recording, critique, prevent
TPA? What is anticoagulant
What to do if you have a blood leak? Check for blood, Turn off pump, Clamp lines, DO NOT RINSE BACK, change kidney
Created by: SGT WEAVER
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