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WP 099 00 (Fire Extinguishing)

How many fire extinguishing systems are there? 2
What is the extinguishing agent used? bromotrifluoromethane
What conducts the extinguishing agent from the container to the engine? seamless stee tubing
Pulling a FLUID CUT-OFF PULL handle does ____. shuts off combustible fluids from the affected engine, feathers the propeller, and shuts down the engine
Pressing the FIRE EXT PUSH switch does ____. discharges the extinguishing agent into the nacelle
Where are the discharge indicators located? on the nacelle skin, near the fire extinguisher container
What do the discharge indicators indicate? whether or not the containers have been discharged through thermal expansion
What are the main components of the fire extinguishing system? FLUID CUT-OFF PULL handles, fire extinguisher containers, discharge indicators, tubing and fire extinguisher switches.
The extinguishing agent is forced through the tubing by a ____ charge of nitrogen. 600 psi
Where is the fire emergency control switch assembly located? on the emergency panel in the cockpit
What does the fire emergency control switch indicate? visual indication of a fire condition in either engine nacelle and a means of cutting off the fuel and hydraulic fluid to that nacelle
What does each switch assembly consist of? fluid cutoff handle, fluid cutoff switch assembly, and two fire warning lights
What occurs when a fire ignites in either nacelle? the cutoff handle lights and shows to which nacelle the fire extinguishing gas should be directed (FIRE L ENG, or FIRE R ENG)
When ____ of pull is applied to the handle, the ____ stop the flow of fluids to either engine nacelle. 9 to 13 pounds; fluid shutoff switches
Where are the fire extinguisher containers located? in the aft end of each nacelle
How are the fire extinguisher containers accessed? when access panel door on the inboard side of the nacelle is opened
Each fire extinguisher container contains ____ of ____ and contains ____ of extinguishing agent. 600 psi charge, nitrogen; 6.5 pounds
The extinguishing agent and the nitrogen charge are retained in the container by a ____ in the ____ of the container. frangible disk; neck
The ____ in the container has a ____ that is fired ____ to break the frangible disk to discharge the container. bonnet assembly; cartridge; electrically
What is the fire extinguisher made of? steel
What contains the segments of the frangible disk within the bonnet assembly after the cartridge has been fired? the stainer in the bonnet
What happens when thermal expansion takes place inside the fire extinguisher bottle? the red disk ruptures and the indicator acts as an overboard vent to relieve the excessive pressure
What kind of tubing is used in the fire extinguishing system? corrosion-and-heat-resistant steel tubing
Where are the distributing tube assemblies located? forward of the engine firewall surrounding the nacelle accessory section and aft of the firewall surrounding the nacelle combustion section
How is the fire extinguisher switch (FIRE EXT PUSH) accessed? after the FLUID CUT-OFF PULL handle is pulled
Created by: Dene14
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