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8.1 CF Gynecology

Combining forms for gynecology

ablat/o- take away; destroy
abort/o- stop premataturely
acr/o- extremity; highest point
aden/o- gland
adnex/o- accessory connecting parts
amni/o- amnion (fetal membrane)
anastom/o- create an opening between two structures
areol/o- small area around the nipple
aspir/o- to breath in; to suck in
augment/o- increase in size or degree
bilirubin/o- bilirubin
bi/o- life; living organisms; living tissue
cancer/o- cancer
candid/o- candida
carcin/o- cancer
cephal/o- head
cervic/o- neck; cervix
chol/o- bil; gall
chorion/o- chorion
chrom/o- color
colo/o- vagina
concept/o- to conceive or form
con/o- cone
construct/o- to build
contract/o- pull together
cry/o- cold
culd/o- cul-de-sac
cyan/o- blue
cyst/o- bladder; fluid-filled sac; semisolid cyst
cyt/o- cell
depress/o- press down
dilat/o- dilate; widen
dissect/o- to cut apart
dors/o- back; dorsum
dur/o- dura mater
eclamps/o- a seizure
ectop/o- outside of a place
efface/o- do away with; obliterate
embol/o- embolus
embryon/o- embryo; immature form
episi/o- vulva
esthes/o- sensation; feeling
estr/a- female
estr/o- female
excis/o- to cut out
fallopi/o- uterine tube
fer/o- to bear
fertil/o- able to conceive a child
fet/o- fetus
fibr/o- fiber
flex/o- bending
fratern/o- close association or relationship
fund/o- fundus
galact/o- milk
gene/o- gene
genit/o- genitalia
lith/o- stone
lob/o- lobe of an organ
log/o- word; the study of
ly/o- break down; destroy
malign/o- intentionally causing harm
mamm/a- breast
mamm/o- breast
manu/o- hand
mast/.o- breast
melan/o- black
men/o- month
menstru/o- monthly discharge of blood
metri/o- uterus
metr/o- measurement: uterus
mult/i- many
my/o- muscle
myx/o- mucus-like substance
nat/o- birth
ne/o- new
nuch/o- neck
null/i- none
obstetr/o- pregnancy and childbirth
olig/o- scanty; few
om/o- tumor; mass
o/o- ovum
oophor/o- ovary
ovari/o- ovary
ov/i- ovum
ov/o- ovum
ovul/o- ovum
ox/y- oxygen
pareun/o- sexual intercourse
pariet/o- wall of a cavity
par/o- birth
part/o- childbirth
parturit/o- to be in labor
ped/o- child
pelv/o- pelvis
pendul/o- hanging down
perine/o- perineum
phor/o- to bear; to carry
phot/o- light
phylact/o- guarding; protecting
physic/o- body
placent/o- placenta
plasm/o- plasma
plas/o- growth; formation
pne/o- breathing
pregn/o- being with child
prim/i- first
product/o- produce
py/o- pus
radic/o- all parts including the root
recept/o- receive
rect/o- rectum
reduct/o- to bring back; decrease
rrhag/o- excessive flow or discharge
sacr/o- sacrum
sarc/o- connective tissue
gen/o- arising from; produced by
gestat/o- from conception to birth
gonad/o- gonads
gon/o- seed
gynec/o- female; woman
hem/o- blood
hydatidi/o- fluid-filled vesicles
hydr/o- water
hyster/o- uterus
iatr/o- physician; medical treatment
incis/o- to cut into
induct/o- a leading in
inflammat/o- redness and warmth
inject/o- insert; to put in
insemin/o- plant a seed
involut/o- enlarged organ returns to normal size
isch/o- keep back; block
labi/o- lip; labium
lact/o- milk
lact/i- milk
lapar/o- abdomen
later/o- side
lei/o- smooth
leuk/o- white
ligat/o- to tie up; to bind
salping/o- uterine tube (Fallopian tube)
scop/o- examine with an intrument
secret/o- produce; secrete
son/o- sound
spir/o- breathe; a coil
stal/o- contraction
stere/o- three dimensions
surg/o- operative procedure
suspens/o- hanging
tact/o- touch
therapeut/o- treatment
toc/o- labor and childbirth
tox/o- poison
trop/o- having an affinity for; stimulating; truning
tub/o- tube
umbilic/o- umbilicus; naval
urethr/o- urethra
urin/o- urine; urinary system
ur/o- urine; urinary system
uter/o- uterus (womb)
vagin/o- vagina
vers/o- to travel; to turn
vulv/o- vulva
xer/o- dry
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