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Exam #1

Urinary, digestive, terms, body planes, Inagumentary

What does DJI stand for? Duodnem, jejunum, ileum
what does anus mean? External opening of the anal canal, or rectum.
What is gallbladder? Small sac near the liver; concentrates and stores bile.
an/o anus
cec/o cecum
chol/e gall or bile
cholecyst/o gallbladder
col/o colon/o colon
enter/o small intestine
gastr/o stomach
hepat/o liver
-lithiasis condition of having stones
-pepsia/dyspepsia digestion/ upset stomach
proct/o or rect/o rectum
borborygmus stomach growling
flatulence gas
cholecystectomy surgical removal of gall bladder
proctoplasty surgical repair of rectum
colonoscopy visual examination of the colon
GERD gastroensophalgial reflex disease
nephr/o/litho/tripsy kidney/ stone/ surgical crushing
emesis vomit bucket
cyan/o blue
eryth/o red
melan/o black
poli/o grey
xanth/o yellow
chlor/o green
cirrh/o red and yellow
jaun yellow
leuk/o or albus white
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
subcutaneous under the skin
sub- under
seborrhea abnormal or successive flow of oil
hidra- sweat gland
hidradentitis inflammation of the sweat gland
onychomyosis condition of having fungus in the nail
mycology study of fungus
lipo- fatty
-stoma tumor
lipoblastoma fatty tumor
melanoma black tumor (cancer)
wheals itchy,elevated areas with an irregular shape; like hives and insect bites
cicatrix scar
albinoism loss of pigment
alopecia hair loss
blepharoplasty surgical repair of the eye lid
benign non-cancerous
malignant cancerous
cyst/o bladder; fluid filled sac
nephr/o or ren/o kidney
pyel/o renal pelvis
ur- urine
ureter/o ureter tube
urethra/o urethra (urine exits)
polyuria excessive urination
oliguria low amount of urination
anuria absence of urination
hematuria blood in urine
pyuria pus in the urine
dysuria painful urination
retention inability to empty the bladder
incontinence involuntary urination; no bladder control
cystitis bladder infection
nephritis inflammation of the kidney
pyelonephritis renal pelvis/kidney inflammation
renal calculus kidney stone
renal failure kidney failure
uremia disease of urine
A-B-C-D-E Asymmetry Border Color Diameter Envolvement
metastisis movement or spreading of cancer cells/ohter cells
carcinoma in situ; isolated cancer
body cavities on back of body dorsal cavity
plane which divides body into right and left sides midsaggital
body parts on the front of the body ventral/anterior
body cavity in the chest thoracic cavity
body parts close to the point of reference proximal
body parts away from the midline lateral
body parts belowand above the transverse plane Superior- above Inferior- below
body parts close to midline medial
body parts behind the body dorsal/posterior
body parts located near the tail caudal
Created by: poonam