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atomic weight the weight of a single atom of an element compared with the weight of a single atom of hydrogen
electrolytes substances such as mineral salts that carry an electrical charge when dissolved in a solution
infusion the administration of a large volume of liquid medication given parenterally over a long period
injection a method of administering medications in which a syringe with a needle or cannula is used to penetrate through the skin or membrane into the tissue below
intramuscular (IM) injection an injection given into the aqueous muscle tissue
intravenous (IV) infusion the injection of fluid into the veins
milliequivalent (mEq) the ratio of the weight of a molecule to its valence, used to measure the concentration of electrolytes in a volume of solution; also an amount of medication that will provide the patient with a specific amount (equivalent amount) of an electrolyte
millimole (mM) molecular weight expressed in milligrams
molecular weight the sum of the atomic weights of all atoms in one molecule of a compound
parenteral administered by injection and not by way of the gastrointestinal system
powder volume (pv) the space occupied by dry pharmaceuticals, calculated as the difference between the final volume and the volume of the diluting ingredient, or the diluent volume; the amount of space occupied by lyophilized (freeze-dried) medication in a sterile vial, use
ratio strength a means of describing the concentration of a liquid medication based on a ratio such as a grams:b milliliters
subcutaneous (SC) injection an injection given into the vascular, fatty layer of tissue under the skin
unit the amount of activity associated with a medication that has a biological impact on a patient
valence the ability of a molecule to bond, as indicated by its positive or negative charge, represented by a superscript plus or minus sign next to an element's chemical symbol
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