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vocab mr. carta 1-25

Abdicate to give up a high office formally or officially, especially the throne
Adhere to be conscientious in supporting or following somebody or something
Antediluvian extremely old-fashioned or outdated, before biblical flood
Bicameral having two separate and distinct lawmaking assemblies, e.g. the Senate and the House of Representatives in the United States
Circumspect taking into consideration all possible circumstances and consequences before acting
Colloquy a formal conversation or discussion, written dialogue
Contraband goods that are illegally imported or exported, e.g. goods that evade duty or are prohibited by law from being taken into or out of a country
Defer to put something off until a later time
Disingenuous withholding or not taking account of known information, withholding or not taking account of known information
Exorbitant far greater or higher than is reasonable
Extraneous not relevant or applicable
Innocuous not intended to cause offense or provoke a strong reaction and unlikely to do so
Innate coming directly from the mind rather than being acquired by experience or from external sources
Interdental existing between or designed for use between the teeth
Intravenous existing or occurring inside a vein, or administered into a vein
Obsequious excessively eager to please or obey
Perambulate to walk about a place
Posthumous occurring after somebody's death, published or born after death
Pretext a misleading or untrue reason given for doing something in an attempt to conceal the real reason
Projectile an object that can be fired or launched, e.g. an artillery shell or a rocket
Reiterate to say or do something again, once or several times, sometimes in a tiresome way
Retrogress to return to an earlier and usually worse condition
Semiprecious describes stones, gems, and minerals that have commercial value but are not valued as highly as those called precious
Subpoena a written legal order summoning a witness or requiring evidence to be submitted to a court or similar deliberative body
Superfluous in excess of what is needed, not essential
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