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A&P Final

What is an example of Naturally Acquired Passive immunity? Breastmilk
What immunoglobin would be found in breastmilk secretions? IgA
What is a secretion produced by virally infected cells that warn neighboring cells about the presence of viruses? Interferons
What is true about the secondary immune response? It results from subsequent exposures and is relatively quick to act.
What is a specific branch of the immune system? The production of antibodies
Which lymphatic organ is the site of T-cell maturation and shrinks as one ages? Thymus
What is the function of the lymph node? Remove cellular debris and bacteria from lymph
What contributes to the movement of lymph through lymphatic vessels? Skeletal muscle contractions
What factor influences the movement of interstitial fluid into a lymphatic capillary? Hydrostatic pressure of interstitial fluid is higher than the hydrostatic pressure in the lymphatic capillary
The structure of a lymphatic vessel most resembles? A vein
What drains lymph from the left side of the body and empties where? thoracic duct and subclavian vein
Which organ filters red blood cells from circulation> Spleen
B.P. refers to the surge of blood against the walls of blood vessels. When a persons blood pressure is measured, the diastolic pressure represents? The pressure against vessel walls during ventricular relaxation
When a heartbeat is heard through a stethoscope, the second sound, a "dub" is caused by? The closure of the semilunar valves.
What is true during times of stress? Sympathetic impulses to the heart, that would increase heart rate
What phase on a ECG does atrial depolarization occur? P wave
Where are the baroreceptors located and serve to detect? Aortic arch/ carotid sinuses & blood pressure
What is true bout the arteriolar end of the capillary? Hydrostatic pressure in the blood causes a net movement of fluid into the tissues.
The tunica interna of arteries and veins are primarily composed of? epithelium
What is considered the pacemaker of the heart? SA Node
The term that describes a mass of merging tissue fibers that act as a functional unit is? Syncytium
what represents cardiac dysfunction? Blood passes from the atria into the superior and interior vena cava during ventricular systole.
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